Why Shenmue Is The Best Open World Game Ever Made

TheArabGamer writes: "While the open world genre has grown over the last 10 years, few have come close to capturing the charm and beauty of Shenmue's world. So allow me to enlighten anyone who is unfamiliar with this series. Let me tell you why Shenmue is the best open world game ever made. If you agree or interested then please support the Kickstarter as it will help make Shenmue 3 become a better open world experience."

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nidhogg1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Okay the video contradicts the name of the headline above as the video actually implies that the whole thing is the authors personal preference. But saying Shenmue is the 'best' open world is a little bit too random and too much. The game had elements that later games would adapt yes but that only makes it a 'legacy' rather than the 'best'. But I respect the author's opinion. Like the author I also have personal preferences, it's Skyrim for me, then The Witcher trilogy, and lastly GTA V. Bottomline is, there is no BEST of the BEST in the genre as these games have different contexts in which it is built on. And they are all great in their own right.

RashBandicoot1201d ago

I think when someone says "This is the best" it usually implies personal opinion. I agree it's a bit random but sort of makes it easier at explaining why fans love it so much.

donthate1201d ago

It might have been a personal opinion, but the person makes it sound like it is de-facto default when it is not. I love many games, but I don't claim they are best.

I know the hype for Shenmue, but seriously quit smooking whatever you are smoking!

Frodosmugins1201d ago

`it was the best'

It is a big game which gave me feeling iv never had the time but there have been better open world games since.

PlayableGamez1201d ago

Uh? No it's not... I am sorry but I disagree with the writer...

Th3o1201d ago

When you disagree try to give insight as to why...otherwise ur statement is worth less than the author's.

Either way, I agree and disagree with the video. It's one of the most impactful and an open world that revolutionized but "the best" will always reflect a generation.

It's hard to classify anything as the best anymore, but I definitely feel that Shenmue was one of the most rounded open worlds.

I would use the word iconic instead of best.

brianunfried1201d ago

I don't get all the Shenmue love, I had it on the Dreamcast and thought it was boring.

princejb1341201d ago

I don't get the hype also
I played the first one and it was average at best
I really hope all this hype results in large sales

Spotie1201d ago

Not all games are for all people, after all.

Th3o1201d ago

I thought it was boring too when I first played it, but if you played for more than just the initial beginning, I got heavily invested in it because it was one of the only games that created such amazing immersion.

It was one of the first games to feel like a Movie and game so distinguishably wrapped.

I also thought Fallout 3 was boring at first, but once I got into the pace of the game and knew what was going on I couldn't put it down.

Immersion and investment are key to any game.

gangsta_red1201d ago

Sorry, but Shenmue is not the best open world game ever. It was great for that time but even then the game was extremely boring.

people are seriously wearing rose tinted nostalgia glasses when it comes to this game.

DigitalRaptor1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Or read the article, and understand it's personal opinion.

Or watch this video to understand why thousands of people still TO THIS DAY still love Shenmue, its quirks, and what it offers that current open-world games don't. The video offers insight. There's no nostalgia speaking there. It's analysis of facts. This video takes facts to make valid reasons why HE thinks it's the best open world game he's ever played.

Watch it and then maybe you will understand that trolling on this game by downplaying people's undying passion for the series as nostalgia is completely disrespectful. You clearly don't even understand the context behind the elements that one MIGHT consider boring, and why many others might appreciate those qualities that add to the vision of the game and what makes it so memorable and immersive an experience. I still can't believe you think that Shenmue needs to adopt modern open-world standards to remain relevant to its fanbase. Of course in your eyes, an outrageously large, pointlessly violent, ADHD-ridden playground would work to Shenmue's favour. Which says it all. You're not a fan of what Shenmue is.

Heck, this amazing article ( ) you'd probably end up downplaying as "rose tinted nostalgia" rather than seeing it for what it is - an accurate analysis of what makes Shenmue's open-world unique, memorable and special.

Where were you, downplaying Shenmue on a constant basis before it was announced at E3 on Sony's stage? Now it has the spotlight.... hey, anything to downplay. Too obvious mate.

gangsta_red1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

"It's analysis of facts."

No it's not! Do you even understand what you're saying?

All this is are different people's opinions and nothing more. My opinion is this game is NOT the greatest open world game as this headline says.

I think that should be your first lesson, learning the difference between opinion and fact and then stating why you think this game is the greatest of all time without having to resort to some fanboy/bias or stating that anyone who doesn't share your love for this game is trolling. Which would also be nothing more than your own opinion on the game.

but for some reason I bet even what I said in the simplest of terms will be lost on you as you continue to think I'm "downplaying" and "trolling" the game.

I have always said that Shenmue was not the game that everyone pretends it to be. Way before it was even thought that it was coming back.

Just a few examples, anymore "FACTS" and "LOGIC"? Or are you going to provide more rantings, accusations and opinions? Are you starting to understand the difference?

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