Telltale Games Revealing New Details on The Walking Dead: Michonne at San Diego Comic-Con

Developer Telltale Games announced on Wednesday that further details on The Walking Dead: Michonne will be revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this week.

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KentBlake1294d ago

All I want is a way to import my PS3 save to the PS4 so I can continue playing the series on the new generation.

deathtok1294d ago

Telltale has a game breaking defect on PS3 where it gets stuck "updating content" between episodes for tons of users who imported from season one.

Their only solution is delete your saves and start over so sadly I won't be purchasing this DLC unless they actually patch the issue.

ltachiUchiha1294d ago

I find it funny how ppl make fun of QTE's in other games yet they loved TWD Seies lol smh.

FullmetalRoyale1294d ago

Are you talking about the same specific people, or are you just now realizing how different we all are? ;)

I'm in that same situation my man. Don't want to reply the first season, as it was very special to me. But I never quite got over the fact that my exact story didn't carry over. :/ Barelt made it past episode two of season two because of the disconnect I felt.

TeamLeaptrade1293d ago

The Walking Dead fits the mold more as it's a story driven point and click game. It's not a traditional action game, or some FPS shooter that has a quick time event. Some quick time events in certain games almost feels unneeded and actually breaks the immersion in a game sometimes.

And in TWD, it's not constant quick time events, it's only during a few points in the game.

Idk, that's how I feel anyways.