Red Ash [Mega Man Legends Successor] Now Supports Consoles on Kickstarter

TheArabGamer writes: "Keiji Inafune's latest project, Red Ash, is aiming at being an anime type third person adventure game similar to Mega Man Legends. It has been having a slow start at Kickstarter (still not reaching the half way point) mainly due to a number of reasons: Shenmue Kickstarter overshadowing the project, Mighty No. 9 has not yet been released, and it's PC only. Mega Man fans have grown up playing his games on consoles especially in Japan. So now it seems they will finally be adding a console port stretch goal."

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RiPPn1195d ago

I'm not sure this is going to get funded..

KuroKazuma1195d ago

why are people supporting this moneysucker x.x