Petitioning EA Sports: Putting the USWNT on the cover of FIFA 16

For the fourth straight year, Lionel Messi will grace of the cover of EA Sports’ FIFA game; however, if a new petition garners enough attention there may be a chance we could see a different cover — one that features the United States Women’s National Team, winners of the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

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GreetingsfromCanada1251d ago

For starters, why the hell would EA put the US womens team on the cover of a game that primarily sells in Europe?

knifefight1250d ago

They've used different cover variations for their sports games in different markets before.

Actually a lot of games have different covers in different regions.

pompombrum1250d ago

Many countries have their own specific covers so this is a fair request.

To be honest, I thought adding women teams was nothing more than a genius PR move. This petition should be worth keeping an eye on tbh because in all fairness, it would make perfect sense to have the USWNT on the cover yet I doubt EA would do it because I doubt the women's team have enough "star power" to be cover worthy of such a big game.

TeamLeaptrade1250d ago

I'm all for it. I know they do the different covers in different countries, so this is something I could see happening.

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