Mass Effect 4: Andromeda Producer - Leveling system is "quite incredible"; more info later

Bioware's Michael Gamble says the leveling system in Mass Effect 4: Andromeda is "quite incredible". More info will be revealed later.

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Septic1201d ago

Ooh I'm hyped. I want more!

Btw expect some gameplay at Gamescom during the Xbox part of the show. You heard it here first ;)

BartMoons1201d ago

I guess we'll find out because we will be there!

Septic1201d ago

Lucky sod! Wish I could make it this year p_p

Its gonna be amazing! Make sure to corner the devs for this and ask them a bunch of questions!

WitWolfy1201d ago

Breaking news:

ME 4 sure has incredible sound effects in its menus.

See I can do it too! SHOW, DONT TELL!!

BartMoons1201d ago

True, I agree its about time more details get revealed instead of teases.

Ashlen1200d ago

Excuse me for being a little skeptical considering how every change since Mass Effect 1 has basically dumbed down or removed the RPG elements.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

well....they have the HDD and disk space to actually make a fully open world Mass Effect now, they are not confined to a small DVD. Look at Batman, look at Dead Island 2, look at Witcher.....all the biggest in their series due to more space available.

Trust that they might go that route. Plus the Mako is back so who knows. I feel the next game will be more of what they wanted the first to actually be.

They started Mass Effect 1's concept before anyone knew MS would use DVD again, Bioware made Mass Effect 1 as open as it was because they likely thought MS would use a bigger disk format ala HD-DVD, more HDD space, Bluray etc.

But because that didn't happen and the final specs came out during ME1's development, they likely had to change a lot due to that space limitation.

Its why ME2 and 3 do away with a lot of that. I feel, given the space, they will try to create what they started with Mass Effect 1 as suppose to 2 and 3's linear, straight line patch.

Lets hope its more RPG, then 3rd person shooter.

Ashlen1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Wait what?

Why are you blaming development choices on space of DVD?

I don't feel like there is any reason to use that as an excuse for the simplification of dialog trees all but removing paragon choices by ME3 and recycling multiplayer maps to pad out the game. As well as the oversimplification of items and loot that took place over the course of the games. I can understand reducing the amount from ME 1 where it was a pain but the level of simplification was a a huge loss imho.

And as far as the mako goes in "space on disk" terms I highly doubt it took that much space to generate the 6 or 8 terrain maps and reuse textures for the interior areas.

Especially in the case of Mass Effect 3 I feel the removal of the "RPG" was the EA'ification of the series.

And just space in general wasn't an issue given the number of games that used multiple disks. Which isn't that difficult if you just separate out the content that only comes at later stages of the game and duplicate things like maps across the disks.

I'm sorry but pretty much when EA is involved I'm going to be skeptical till I see it myself.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

@Ashlen- "why are you blaming development choices on space of DVD?"

I'm stating that purely based off of the linear space.

PS2 and XB used DVD9 and they used the same format again on 360, clearly the concept of the game will change drastically based on that alone.

Consider again some PS2 games and most XB games used DVD9...

I agree that DVD9 is not to blame for their other strange choices.

" I highly doubt it took that much space to generate the 6 or 8 terrain maps and reuse textures for the interior areas"

Its not about it taking up "that much space" its that it taking up space period, these games used DVD9 during the PS2 gen.

Mind you...none of those games is even aiming to do anything on the scale Mass Effect 1 was aiming for.

From PS2 to 360 they had the same space to do something MORE then what was done last gen, even if they slightly bumped up the graphics compared to the gen prior, it would be a tough job making that game on 1 disk. That is like asking to do GT5 on DVD9 with MORE CARS, more tracks and better looking....on one disk yet disregard GT4 was done on DVD9.

I over all do agree with you that those choices they made where their own. They could have forced MS to allow an install, to pay for the extra disk etc.

Rockstar got the extra disk and install and so did Kojima for MGSV, best believe neither of those teams where having their games compromised by lack of space, Bioware choose to make their game around DVD9 and make it a linear path, they didn't need to.

I feel MS would have allowed the install and would have likely payed for the extra disk if it caused such a huge backlash.

"Just space in general wasn't an issue given the number of games that used multiple disks" Agreed and agreed. They didn't need to just keep 1 disk, they had the choice to have an install and make the open world game they sorta had planned for the first ME in the first place.

"I'm sorry but pretty much when EA is involved I'm going to be skeptical till I see it myself" lol, we are all playing a wait and see on this game, but I feel if the trend continues, it will be open world, I don't see Bioware just passing up all the space they now have to really make a huge flushed out open space world considering all the teams that are now making larger worlds due to the format being in both systems.

" the level of simplification was a a huge loss imho."

1 billion percent agreed!!! Mass Effect 1 felt like a glimpse at what it could have been. I want the deep exploration, I want the grind, I want to loot, I want to add on additions to my ship, I want the main game 20 hours, the side quest 100.

_-EDMIX-_1200d ago

I want the world to be a bigger part of the game, then JUST the main quest, the main quest is like 20, 18 hours or so and it barely feels like an RPG, it feels more 3rd person shooter CLAIMING to be an RPG.

If we are just going to give XP based on levels on a linear path...then RE4, 5 and 6 are all RPGs, replace the gold and money you get in RE4-6, call it XP and are you not technically talking about the same damn thing?

I feel many keep calling ME an RPG...based on Bioware claiming its an RPG.....its very much not, after playing 1-3 that is complete BS, ME1 is as close to a hybrid RPG as that series gets, the rest are NOT RPGs, they keep trying to claim that, but from what I've played, legit you can just call any damn game an RPG that claims so even if it actually doesn't have the traits of one.

I want Andromeda to seek to FULLY BE a SPACE RPG! If its not at least 60 hours, open world, many races and classes, I'm not even picking it up lol

Summons751200d ago

How about show off gameplay now instead of hyping it to a level you can live up too? If the gameplay is not ready to show then shut up and work on it. Know why Da2, Me3, and Dai weren't great? Because you keep hyping and talking before showing anything and then everything is different or the opposite of what you claim... You'd think you'd learn by now.

Chaosdreams1200d ago

This just in. We've confirmed Mass Effect 4: Andromeda, is indeed, the fourth Mass Effect game in the series.

We also know that it's in space.

Be hyped.

(i am hyped lol)

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