Level 5’s 3DS Exclusive Youkai Watch 3 Gets a Japanese Release Window

Level 5 announced today that the upcoming third numbered chapter of the Youkai Watch saga, Youkai Watch 3, will be released in Japan in Summer 2016.

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marloc_x1197d ago

This will be VERY interesting!

MegaRay1196d ago

What happened to their E3 new game announcement? was really excited for Ni No Kuni or something similar :(

littlezizu1196d ago

TGS, pretty sure they will do it.

MegaRay1196d ago

I hope you're right. Though I have my doubts. I feel like they might shift their focus to 3DS and mobile. I hope I am wrong tho.

chaos9991196d ago

Meanwhile . . . .

Yo-Kai Watch 1 PAL release - Q1 2016