Tiny Arcade Machines Preview [KZoku Ent]

Kuma Wrote: You ever wanted an arcade machine in your house, but never had the room for it? What about an arcade machine that is customized for your gaming needs? Well there is a place where this is actually possible in a tiny form for your table or desk. In that check out this video.

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marloc_x1196d ago

NiCe! Love the chrome accents.

SavageKuma1196d ago

yea the engineer does a great job.

caseh1196d ago

You can buy base kits for this sort of thing off ebay and build your own spec for a fraction of the price.

I would only recommend this to someone who can't be arsed to do some research and actually get involved in building something they will genuinely enjoy.

MasterCornholio1196d ago

They look awesome

-looks at price and dies-

Agent_00_Revan1195d ago

I've always wanted a MAME machine, but don't have the space, something like this might be good.

PlayableGamez1195d ago

Man these things are freaking awesome... I would kill for a classic arcade machine.

SavageKuma1195d ago

best part is putting your own games in them.