Battle Squadron Sees Release on Steam

Carl Williams writes, "The classic overhead shooter, Battle Squadron, is now available on Steam. For those that do not know what Battle Squadron is, it is, well, an overhead shooter that could best be described as an early “bullet hell” shooter- a good decade or so before the term was used to describe a genre. Originally available on the Commodore Amiga in 1989, then the Sega Genesis in 1990, Battle Squadron has been a high quality title that fans have revered over the years. More recently version of Battle Squadron have been released for AmigaOS 4, Windows, Mac and the iOS platform, now it has hit Steam (for the gamers that won’t buy anything outside of that service apparently). What is here is the classic, intact and, ready to go for a whole new generation of shooter fans. A word of caution for newer players- Battle Squadron is not going to hold your hand in any way and you won’t get a tutorial explaining what is an enemy and what is not (you will have no problem figuring that out)."

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