PS4 3.00 Update Feature Wishlist

PlayStation 4 has been doing great on the market, there's been some awesome games released for it and although the software on the console is good there's some features that would make it a lot better.

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PhoenixUp1202d ago

There's no reason PS4 can't play PS1 and PS2 Classics off of PSN. What better way to celebrate the brand's 20th western anniversary than to enable such a feature

-Foxtrot1202d ago

Yeah I want to play my PS1 games I bought on my PS3 years ago.

Some places like Europe just got some PS1 classics like Spyro a year or so before the PS4 reveal and now we'll have to wait all over again.

It's a beyond a joke to be honest.

I feel like they are scared that people will just download them instead of using PS Now.

Mr_Writer851201d ago

"There's no reason PS4 can't"

Well there is, Sony want to make money on PSNow so I doubt they will allow it.

Its not a very good reason, but it is a reason.

I would like to see a Steam style wish list, you can add games to it and you get alerts when they are on sale.

SharnOfTheDEAD1201d ago

PS Now is still in beta right? I imagine after Microsoft's backwards comparability announcement that might have shaken things up a bit, perhaps we might see a better subscription concept for PS Now?

Mr_Writer851201d ago

I doubt it, they sank a lot of money into Giakai and its tech, I'm pretty sure they said they would add PS2 and PS1 games in the future.

The prices do need fixing.

Jubez1871201d ago

PS Now still isn't realistic. Besides turn based RPGs, I don't know what kinda games people can play effectively with 300ms+ delay.

AudioEppa1202d ago

It's probably going to be another 2 years before the ps4 is fully featured out on things that should have been standard from lunch.

I want to see Sony add things that are out of the box, nothing anybody would expect.

mushroomwig1201d ago

He really likes the word awesome, 11 times in just 5 minutes.

Mr_Writer851201d ago

I agree with some of those requests.

I'd also like individual notifications for each of my friends. I have a few "psn friends" but I don't really bother with them unless we are playing the same game, so I don't really need to know they are in a party.

However my actual friends and family I would like to know when they are online, when they are in a party and such, so being able to turn off and on notifications by friend would be cool.

Again folders would be cool I agree with that.

With the "what's new" just again allow people to choose who they want to see news about.

SharnOfTheDEAD1201d ago

Being able to pin games to the dashboard, that would be lovely.

FullmetalRoyale1201d ago

Yeah you mean like being able to lock them in a certain position? Knowing it's always gonna be Wolfenstein, TLoU, Minecraft, GTA in that order everytime would be nice indeed.

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