Dark Souls personality under fire for plagiarism

The Dark Souls community has been set upon its head today, when one of its most prominent members had plagiarism accusations cast against him. VaatiVidya currently has 425,136 subscribers on YouTube, as well as a Patreon pulling in $5,572.41 a month. The accusations come from another community member, Aegon of Astora.

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Kalebninja1195d ago

Is this really news? It's just some user who's getting some heat.

LordMaim1195d ago

Its gaming news, particularly if you're one of the people supporting this guy through Patreon. If I were someone who was supporting a guy who makes 70k a year by stealing other people's hard work, I'd want to know.

Skate-AK1195d ago

Reminds me of that guy tht was faking being paralyzed on Twich for donations. Stood up out of the wheel chair when he thought the camera wasn't rolling.

DiscoKid1195d ago

@Skate-AK Oh you mean ZileanOP. That was hilarious!

Greyfoxdbz1195d ago

This needs more attention, I mean i loved Vaati's videos and i always thought he must put incredible effort into them but it turns out he is likely stealing the work of multiple people and profiting massively from it. I mean all he had to do really was credit people.

LordMaim1195d ago

Its bad enough in general. Once he's making a profit off of it, it's even worse. Considering the number of times that he's had issues with "using" other people's work in the past, I'm amazed that there's still people giving him money.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1195d ago

It turns out someone is CLAIMING he stole work. The evidence provided is weak at best.

InTheLab1195d ago (Edited 1195d ago )

The thing that stands out for me aside from the obvious theft of a smaller channel's content is the link to a Kraptaku article from Patrick Klepick. The guy basically paints a picture of coincidence but also fails to mention he's a fan of Vaati's and already has a working relationship with him until the end of the piece.

As for why this is news, at some point a guy decided to take his love for gaming to another level and dumped countless hours into creating content. The guy only has a few thousand subs which means he's getting nothing for doing the video. Another dude shows up with over 500k subs and a patreon of 5k a month, steals the smaller channel's work, and directly benifits from it.

I find this far more interesting than the usual articles here about ridiculous things that have been beaten to death like Nintendo doom articles or 1080p vs 720p. It's also a nice window into the world of youtube where the more successful you are the more pressure there is to produce content by any means if your financial wellbeing is directly tied to how mucheap content you put out. Who cares about where you get your content as long as you're getting paid right? Well that's a screwed up way of thinking and greed is one of the biggest issues in gaming today.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1195d ago

Vice-versa since Aeagon is new to the scene, it could easily be possible he's crying foul on something that just isn't there.

InTheLab1195d ago

Did you watch the video? Seems to be legit based on the facts. Vaat's only counter appears to be "cherry picking"? There also seems to be a pattern of history based on the evidence.

So you can blame the new guy to the scene or look at the evidence he's presented which looks sound.

Ch1d0r11195d ago

What a thief! Specially since hes making money out of other peoples hard work.

Back-to-Back1195d ago

Unsub from his youtube and if you support him on Patreon please stop.

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