Gamescom is the Perfect Opportunity for Microsoft to Fight Back in Europe

Gamnesia writes: PlayStation 4 has a sizable sales lead over Xbox One (as well as Wii U), and has for a long time. Sony's console is outselling Microsoft's in all three major regions (North America, Europe, Japan), but with Gamescom right around the corner, the timing is perfect for Microsoft to start fighting back in Europe. In fact, it's a must.

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Rimeskeem1201d ago

I'm just looking forward to seeing QB, Scalebound, and all the other games they said they would show.

Rookie_Monster1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Great comment.

I am too looking forward to all these games and the other unannounced games that MS said would be there as well.

@Mr Pumblechook,

Lol, you mean the new Japan in which the Wii U lead in console sales and everyone has like 3DS each and that is their preferred gaming choice? :/

Mr Pumblechook1201d ago

Europe is This Year's New Japan.

donthate1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Yeah, MS is treating Gamescom almost like another E3. They are going in hard in Europe I think and trying to show that they are serious about Europe and that they aren't second class citizen.


"Europe is This Year's New Japan."

Sorry, console sale in Europe is growing, not shrinking like Japan. Sorry you got the countries confused!

Pogmathoin1201d ago

Regardless of disagrees, its the truth.

ABizzel11201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I'm looking forward to their Gamescom event for Quantum break and Scalebound primarily, everthing else is just icing.

That being said the author conveniently left out the fact that Sony will have their own showing at Paris Game Week literally 2 months later. Also contrary to ignorant belief Paris is also located in Europe, and their game show is targeted at the European Market. Also PGW has become the fastest growing and now 2nd largest games conference in the world right after Gamescom with over 270,000 attendees last year and an expected 300,000 this year, so I find it hard to believe that 2 month head-start on a games conference isn't going to change things for the XBO.

The only point that made sense and really matter is that MS simply needs to show up and impress at Gamescom, and prove to EU that the XBO is worth owning alongside a PS4.

donthate1201d ago


I didn't know that PGW is the second biggest after Gamescom. How big are they in relations to each other?

Also, I haven't heard anything about Sony being in Paris. You have a link?

So exciting! :D

ABizzel11201d ago


Gamescom had 335,000 attendees last year, PGW had 270,000.

But PGW is like the Comic-Con of gaming for EU. Celebs. are there signing autographs, they have E-Sport gaming tournaments, Retrogaming zone, Kids & Family zones, and more.

It's getting bigger each year, and it's probably going to catch and surpass Gamescom eventually since it much later in the year after E3, and it takes place in a much more known city.

Gamer: Hey honey, let's take a Romantic trip to Paris in October.

Misses: Oh, how romantic.

Gamer: (thinking to self) Yes I'm going to PGW.

Misses: I have the best husband in the world.

Try pulling that off with Gamescom. XD

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medman1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

The bottom line is that Europe just doesn't really care about the matter what they show at gamescom. Europe will show far more interest in what Sony shows at Paris games week and at this years playstation experience and Tokyo game show....especially after the overwhelmingly positive response across the globe for Sony's E3 presentation.

The fact is Sony has more games in development, and more exclusives coming, than does Microsoft. Gamescom isn't going to change that. Don't take my word for it....see the examples below, both about E3,games in development, and current metacritic ratings for both's a clean sweep for Sony across the board. All that is hard to overcome for Microsoft. Thus far, Sony has produced more higher rated titles, more titles overall, with more titles in development. That is the definition of an uphill climb for Microsoft.



Dlacy13g1201d ago

I think MS needs to not just show up but they need to bring games to the conference that appeal to Europe specifically. I would also say they also need to continue to embrace the PC side as we know Europe is not just an anchor for Playstation but its also a bedrock for PC gaming.

pompombrum1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Games that appeal to Europe specifically? I'm curious as to what sort of games you'd be referring to because I've always considered Europe's interests the same as the US really. Unless it's just the UK which has similar interests.

Dlacy13g1201d ago

Yeah, probably not the best way to have worded things on my end but Europe more so than the U.K. has always struck me as more PC gaming centric vs console centric. Strategy RTS type games and simulation type games seem to do better. I should also say that is my own perception and not fact. They will still embrace good games from other genres like shooters, RPG's, etc...

donthate1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Europe has always been strong on PC, and they love their soccer games. All my friends mostly play soccer games or a little bit of racing on their console, or they are on PC.

Maybe MS has a deal with Fifa again? Dream Team?

I also expect lots of PC announcements and hopefully gameplay video of ReCore and more of Quantum Break!

Kal0psia1201d ago

Exactly they pretty much have the same interest. RPGs, shooters and MOBAs. But if you guys notice with Scalebound, Quantum Break and Crackdown they're all non US studios. Crackdown developers from Scotland I think, Quantum Break from Finland and Scalebound from Japan. I think most of the games there will be for developers from there. Just a thought. ;D

ABizzel11201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


You're right, EU and NA have almost identical taste in games, expect EU is pro Fifa, NA is pro Madden / NBA 2K. And EU is Open World Games > COD > Everything Else, and NA is COD > OWG > EE.

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TheNew11201d ago

Phil said more Xbox games coming to PC will be announced at Gamescom. I'm expecting like a Halo Wars 2, and or some old/new ips for PC and Xbox.

NeoGamer2321201d ago

Microsoft had a strong showing at E3. From the titles already mentioned they will have a strong showing at Gamescom, and I hope that they come out and bring some surprises to TGS.

ABizzel11201d ago

I can't see them doing anything grand a TGS. The XBO is selling worse than the 360 and the original Xbox in JP, and the only way they're getting games is from ports of PS4 versions and 2nd party contracts they pay for.

It's almost been a year and they haven't broke 100k sales yet, it's a loss cause, and they're better off focusing on trying to compete in EU for a bit more marketshare, and NA where things are actually close.

NeoGamer2321201d ago

I think it is important they get some Japanese content to round out the X1 more. I agree they aren't going to sell much in Japan, but they need to have Japanese content in North America to round things out better. That is the only complaint I have about X1 content so far, lot's of North American and European friendly content, but next to nothing on the Japanese side.

ABizzel11201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


I agree and I understand, but that's always been a problem with the Xbox brand. The 360 tried to fix it with it's exclusives, and JP trying to please western audiences more, but in the end support dried up, and moved on to Wii, PS3, PSP, DS, and 3DS.

When you have companies like Square flatout saying they're only putting their games where they know they'll sell when it comes to the JP games, that's an awful message to the XBO which is only around 60k (0.06m) compared to PS4's over 1.5m units there.

Big games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts will more than likely make it because they have an international following, but smaller A tier games are going to skip XBO all together.

Then you look at the sales of JP games on 360 vs PS3 last gen, and even with more consoles sold the PS3 versions were selling way more, and many times even in NA sales where the 360 had a commanding lead all gen.

You don't buy a Xbox console for JP games. That's what PlayStation consoles and Nintendo handhelds are for.

showtimefolks1201d ago

With Sony skipping gamesCom conference it just doesn't have the same feel as e3 for Europe. And I don't think there ever will be a time when Sony loses its grip on the European market. Europe has been the back bone of Playstation since day one, people just don't understand how big sony's name is in international market

I am from Pakistan and people prefer Sony over any other tv,blurayetc brands

Gunstar751201d ago

If it was that big, sony wouldn't be in the financial position they are in

johndoe112111201d ago

Sometimes it's best NOT to comment.

OrangePowerz1201d ago

What's that to do with anything? GM as example is one of the biggest car companies and they had to file for bankruptcy and had to be bailed out.

aceitman1201d ago

sony is doing paris instead of Cologne which both are in Europe , sony choose to do a later conference instead of doing it so close , I don't get why people make such a big deal that sony skipped cologne gamescom all they did was push there conference to a later date unlike when ms skipped Europe all together one year, but ms didn't get all the bashing that sony is getting . ms has done price cuts in Europe and it didn't make a difference theres no way ms has a chance to fight back

Kribwalker1201d ago

Because by attendance it is the biggest games show in the world. That is why it's a big deal

OrangePowerz1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Well it runs for more days than the TGS and E3 doesn't allow the general public so the attendance numbers isn't anything to go by particularly. TGS is open for 2 days to the public versus the 3 public days for the GC. On a day by day basis TGS has a higher attendance. GC also didn't do themselves any favours by being earlier compares to previous years and closer to the E3.

ABizzel11201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


And Paris Games week is the 2nd biggest and growing faster than Gamescom (over 270k people attended last year, with an expected +300k this year).

Sony's moved on to a new venue, with no real competition, to a much more internationally known city, with a similar size attendee count and much larger sponsors for the event. There is no loss at all for Sony, and a 2 month conference head start isn't going to do anything to change the tide of EU.

MS needs to focus on getting EU PS4 owners to buy a XBO next. Price cuts haven't worked, and unfortunely games will be a hard sell as well because the best selling games in EU are multiplats like Fifa, COD, GTA, and other open world games.

Google is your friend

FallenAngel19841201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Despite having a late start and more expensive price, PS3 outsold 360 in total units in Europe in only one year and two months on the market in May 2008. Nothing Microsoft can do can make them a real threat to Sony in Europe as a whole, only in UK which they are also losing in.