I'm a slave to 'Destiny' and I'm OK with that

I’m in deep. “Destiny” has me in Crota’s vice-like claws. The journey from level one to 34 is an endless one. I played vanilla “Destiny” at launch, achieved level-20 status and stopped for half a year with no intention of returning. Then, before a guardian could reload a Vestian Dynasty, I purchased the expansions for both consoles, plus the core game a total of three times. How did it come to this? I need to retrace my steps and wade through the financial carnage.

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masterfox1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

"You are a slave to 'Destiny' and you are moron for that"

Title fixed!

brokenbracket1201d ago

"You are a slave to 'Destiny' and you are a* moron for that."

Haterade, fixed!

xHeavYx1201d ago

Destiny is a very fun game to play with friends. The only reason I stopped playing is because I would have paid $140 if I had gotten the latest expansion, even if I'm a day 1 supporter, and someone who starts today can get the whole game for $60.
Masterfox must feel a bit silly for calling someone a moron with incorrect grammar.

ABizzel11201d ago


Completely agree. I'm not picking up the Taken King.

There are too many other good games coming out to continue investing into Destiny, and to continuously be overcharged for under-delivering expansion packs, with content that was taken away from the original game.

Thankfully I only invested $40 into, because the actual game was free with my XBO, but I just won't support these kind of practices. I speed with my wallet.

Godz Kastro1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


You really replied to him just to add an A to his comment. Kind of weird dude. You knew what he meant. Flipping site full of English teachers... Sheesh

OT: I have over 1200 hours on destiny but I'm done. I'm not getting the taken king. I've been having too much fun with other games to keep chasing this carrot. Especially with the recent pricing debacle and mixed messaging they've been sending. I'm just tired of this game that I once loved.

vikingland11201d ago

Rude just because they like what you don't?

IraqCombatVet1201d ago

I think it's not about what this person likes. It's the fact that they are supporting Destiny. A game known to screw over gamers.

Supporting this game is like telling the industry "It's okay to do this to us. Now adopt this BS to other games as well."

Don't believe me? Look at DLC and expansions long ago where they added value compared to now.

It's just going to keep getting worse and it seems like people think it's okay. Really sad.

vickers5001201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Stop trying to justify your elitist hatred as something other than elitist hatred.

Supporting Destiny is not supporting the downfall of video games or whatever you fanboys want to tell yourself, just like eating at chick fil a is not supporting homophobia, or whatever example you want to use.

Also, this may surprise you, but most gamers play games to have fun, not to support or boycott some silly cause. There are a lot more important things to protest than fcking video games, how about finding a cause that actually helps out people?

I'll admit, much of Destinys dlc is a rip off if you compare it to what other games offer, but I'm not really concerned about other games, because I have fun playing Destiny with my friends, and honestly I play Destinys dlc and the game itself more than any other game, so if I were to equate value to hours played, I'd have definitely got my moneys worth and then some. Granted, if I didnt have anyone to play with, i wouldnt be playing it, but it's a very good game to play with friends. Sure there are other games you can play with friends, but they dont offer anywhere near the longevity that destiny does, destiny just really does that aspect well.

Oh, and people who play Destiny dont "only" play Destiny, everybody in my main Destiny group buy new releases just as much as anyone else, so it's not like they arent giving support to devs who deserve it.

But seriously, you "so and so is ruining gaming and will set the precedent for the apocalypse of gaming" folks need to pull your head out of your asses and focus on something more important. This is not life and death, they are video games. If you're taking them this seriously then you need to take a few steps back from them.

LAWSON721201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )


Good damn reply.

IMO if people enjoy Destiny enough to pay ridiculous prices to keep playing it clearly the game is good. I think it is hilarious how Destiny players get hated on for paying money to play more and have fun while doing so, fact is Destiny is a unique and fun experience for a lot of people. But yeah let's pretend any game can get away with crappie DLC models, when in reality they will become another Evolve. IMO Destiny does DLC in a decent way, it is much better than armor, weapons, etc behind pay walls. You get every thing in a bulk expansion at least, and it is fair game for everybody to earn the gear by actually playing and progressing through the game, which is something rare to find these days.

pompombrum1201d ago

I think most of the people are well aware that it makes them partially a moron. I know come September, I'll be really struggling to resist buying TTK. I know in terms of time spent with TTK, I'll get my £40's worth however I also know that there is probably a 95% chance I will complain about the amount of content. I'm a part of the problem for sure and I wish I could say no but no FPS game can even come close to the shooting mechanics of Destiny. I'll be crossing my fingers that Gears Ultimate is so damn good I don't even care for any other shooters until R6/Halo 5 comes out.

PS: Screw Bungie's upper management, I've never felt so bad for liking a game before.

IraqCombatVet1201d ago

Fight it my friend. Don't fall for their BS. You'll most likely regret it.

Besides, Halo 5, Battlefront, Gears Ultimate are coming. No need to give Activision any more of your money with all the great games coming soon.

I was an early adopter. Played Destiny Alpha, Beta and was there day one. It was fun at first but then I realized something was terribly wrong after 100 hours of doing the same thing over and over and over again.

By the time I played the first mission of House of Wolves DLC I saw how I'd been taken for a fool. Deleted Destiny off my PS4 immediately after that. Bungie has lost their minds in my opinion.

Best of luck to you and stay strong. Vote with your wallet.

Godz Kastro1201d ago


Bubble for you bruh. Well said. I feel the exact same way.

hulk_bash19871201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

He's a moron because he enjoys playing a game he likes? Please go back into the cave you crawled out of.

Crazay1201d ago

Dropped Destiny months ago. Didn't see any redeeming qualities about it anywhere. The DLC format just made it worse. I'll likely be skipping the next one.

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ninsigma1201d ago

I don't know why you would buy for both Consoles! But I used to be fairly addicted to the game as well. I got to level 27 or 28 before I called it quits. Not because I became to hate it but because I was working my ads off trying to upgrade my stuff to get to 30, I went through the vault of glass and I literally got no weapons or armour. I was seriously bummed and I'd have to wait a week before being able to earn anything from it and I didn't have a set team to do it with. Then I started working and my evening hours became a lot more precious, at that point, I didn't find it worth spending my few hours for crappy drops I kept getting. I will say though that the game play of Destiny is awesome. It works so well and it's fun to play.

brokenbracket1201d ago

It became super easy to max everything once House of Wolves dropped. It would probably take you two, maybe three days to max all three of your characters if they're at least a 20. Or the one, since it sounds like you only had one character, which is cool, that's how I started.

GameSpawn1201d ago

That is IF you can bring yourself to trudge through the banner and spend 30,000 glimmer on Etheric Light (if you want 6, two from each character), find good PvP-mates to get you 9-0 in Osiris on all characters, and/or have mates to help you through 32, 34, and 35 PoE each week.

Etheric light is still ridiculously hard for the casual Destiny player to obtain (the one who doesn't Raid, doesn't use LFGs to find groups, doesn't play three characters a week on all the weekly activities, etc). You REALLY have to want it and need to go out of the way to find it.

I will give you, though, up to level 32. That can be done on Vendor gear alone, no Etheric needed.

ninsigma1201d ago

Yeah I only had the titan. I was happy with just the one lol
I might get it again at so e point but not for a good while. Still loads to play and my free time hasn't increased since I stopped xD

spacedelete1201d ago

i'll never know how people get addicted to games like Destiny, FIFA and COD. i guess thats how they hook you to make you buy even more DLC and microtransactions. thankfully i don't play dudebro games anymore.

Gozer1201d ago

Simple answer...Destiny at its core is nothing more than a gambling addiction. Every aspect of Destiny is attached to an RNG(random number generated)reward. Ever wonder why someone can sit at a slot machine for hours pulling that lever over, and over, and over again? Ever wonder why someone can play the same content in Destiny over, and over, and over for months on end? Make sense?

no_more_heroes1201d ago

Ever wonder how someone can get screwed over by Fire Emblem over and over and...


Ok, I'll leave, then...

Godz Kastro1201d ago


Ive always equated destiny to the rush you get from playing the lottery/gambling.

ABizzel11201d ago

The foundation of Destiny is good (gameplay), its just the lack of content, overpriced expansions, and complete luck-based rewards that bring ti down for me.

It's really the co-op that makes or breaks this game. And Crucible is a decent online multiplayer (far from the best, but it's enjoyable).

It's was well deserved 7/10 at launch at best, but for those getting into it with the Taken Kind $60 version it's easily a solid 8/10 or higher (still not a 9 IMO) now. Since there's more content, it's easier to get good gear, and they've patched a lot of stuff to make the game fair for the most part.

It's not a perfect game, it's not an amazing game, it's not a great game. But it's a good game that fun to play with friends. A poor man's Borderlands (which I loved), with better graphics, gameplay, and a more focused, with overpriced expansions which is why I'm passing on Taken King.

iceman061201d ago

I would bet that those people that you judge, those "dudebro" types, would probably wonder how you could be addicted to the games that you like. It's really different strokes for different folks. You have your fun in your way. They have it in theirs.

GuruStarr781201d ago

for me, spending $95 for a game and two expansions is totally worth it when I get over 1500 hours out of it.

I'm really tired of people complaining of the cost when theyre putting in over a thousand hours in destiny. A thousand hours + you seldom get from a videogame. I'm ok with paying $40 for the taken king, that is, as long as Its as big as (or bigger than) both expansions combined.

pompombrum1201d ago

1500 hours in where 1485 of those hours are repeating content you've already been through... that's where the complaining is coming from. In terms of cost to hours of play, it's a good deal but the cost to content ratio is a joke.

LeoDDestroyer1201d ago

In what game you don't go through the same content over and over again.

pompombrum1201d ago

Most games offer more than 15 hours of unique content though at full retail price, especially games that were originally advertised as an MMO.

kneon1201d ago


Fallout is a good example, the only time you have to redo content is when you get the inevitable hanging and have to reboot. And if Bathesda's QA staff weren't less competent than trained monkeys maybe we wouldn't even have that.

ChouDa1201d ago


Too black and white. Let me try to introduce the grey.

Chrono Trigger was a game I enjoyed playing over and over, trying different things, getting different endings. In that regard, yes, same content, but at the same time, different return every time.

Final Fantasy (7 and tactics specifically for me). Different parties, different materia, different classes, different builds, etc. Same content, yes, but again, different returns.

Guild Wars 2, maybe the closest in comparison to Destiny as it, too, is a buy to play game. But in comparison, Destiny (again, my opinion) has inferior depth in lore, way less content, less classes and most importantly in an MMO (pseudo or otherwise) people! In Guild Wars, I have people to play with, to interact with, to trade with, to talk with, to hang out with. Destiny felt that way at first... but then something was lacking. On the other hand, both Guild Wars 2 and Destiny had similarly terrible Voice Acting (sorry Dinklage!).

So yeah, again, volume of content is important, but I feel it's the return that matters. The fun, you know? Peeps find grinding is fun. Props, yo! If that's the case, you should try Ragnarok Online. *trails off in nostalgia*

iceman061201d ago

I understand your point. But value, in essence, is truly in the eye of the beholder. If he played the game for that long, then I'm sure repetition doesn't really phase him.
Personally, I was pretty much done right around the 100 hour mark.

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brokenbracket1201d ago

Which it won't be. And even if it is the size of both expansions, both of the first two expansions were so small, it's almost a crime to call them expansions.

And the reason why so many people are complaining about the cost isn't due to the value of the game. Coming from someone who put in over 300+ hours into it, with three 34 characters, it's the fact that a brand new Destiny player gets everything the hardcore fans will have once TTK releases, for $80 less. Yet Bungie has done nothing, or shown a single ounce of gratitude towards their loyal fans. Which is why I took Destiny out of my console and it probably won't ever see the inside of my console ever again.... that's what she said :D

ABizzel11201d ago

The expansions are overpriced PERIOD. You have no choice, but to spend multiple hours, because you have to do the same raids and missions over each week to get everything out of them, and the fact that you can only do it once a week per character forces you to play the game for a longer period than needed, because people would raid all for the first few weeks and be done with it.

Bungie made this game to where players need to log-in everyday for bounties, search the world everyday for events, and sign-in at least once a week for Raids, Weekly, and Nightfalls.

Yes people want to play it, but the game is designed and set up to make the player spend that much time in the game just so they have a chance of buying or getting good gear and weapons.

That's a huge difference.

I like Destiny, but it's overpriced and had I bought the game and the $40 expansions (many parts were ripped from the original game) then I probably wouldn't have enjoyed it as much. The content that's here now is not a $100 game IMO, and I won't be buying Taken King until they drop the price.

Aaroncls71201d ago

The fans are getting tired of people complaining about Destiny.

Others are getting tired of people blindly defending it.

I'm tired of that subpar game getting so much attention.

Let it die in the sales bin where it deserves to be.

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TheLoCoRaven1201d ago

I use to be a slave to Destiny. Sometimes I still get the weekly strange coins and I still check a youtube video to see what Xur sells each week, but I haven't even bothered to do much of House of Wolves and i have about no interest in The Taken King. I think I'm worn out on it. If I had friends that wanted to do raids I'd get a little more out of it, but thats not gonna happen.

ABizzel11201d ago

Pretty much what I do now. Weekly (Strange Coins), Nightfall, Done for the week.

TheLoCoRaven1200d ago

Yea. I haven't even been bothering to do the nightfalls because I don't want to deal with finding people to play with on destinylfg. So I've only been doing the match-making events. I get the coins most weeks and check out Datto's Xur video every Friday on youtube.

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