Star Citizen: Check Out The Massive Heavy Bomber Retaliator in 95 Lovely Screenshots and Video

The upcoming space sim Star Citizen has one of its strong points in the enormous variety of ships it will allow us to fly across the galaxy.

Today you’re going to look at the Retaliator, a massive heavy torpedo bomber built by Aegis Dynamics. It’s probably one of the most beautiful ships available in the hangar module at the moment.

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Dlacy13g1225d ago

I hope this game does in the end deliver but I am skeptical this game is going to live up to its lofty expectations now.

abstractel1224d ago

When is it going to launch? I was expecting it this year and it's nowhere in sight. No recent marketing material, no E3 trailer. I feel they've spent quite a bit of money on some highly polished trailers that aren't showing any gameplay.

They do have that one MP mode out, but it's less than what they promised by this date if I remember right.

camel_toad1224d ago

I havent touched it in quite a while beyond the first tiny bit I played when I purchased it. They keep talking about all this stuff theyre working on but all we get is a steady stream of ships for people to keep buying with real money, as if their pockets werent already overflowing. I want some real content already.

Abriael1224d ago

Like the dogfighting module that is already fully playable?

camel_toad1224d ago

The dogfighting module and race modules have been around for a while but have also stayed barebones for a while. They need to make with some exploration.

shloobmm31224d ago

Yeah those modules have been out for a long time now. You would think we would have gotten something more by now. It bothers me they keep releasing ship after ship after ship when they showed the FPS module up and running awhile ago also and we arent getting our hands on it.

Cy1224d ago

More and more this game is starting to seem like the biggest crowdfunding scam of all time.

Abriael1224d ago

Yeah, the hundreds of developers working on it are obviously doing nothing but drinking and partying.



BitbyDeath1224d ago

It is amazing that hundreds of devs can be that incompetent though. I suspect this is just a side project for the majority of them given how long it takes them to do anything.

Abriael1224d ago

@BitbyDeath: i'm sure you'll now list what makes you qualified to call hundreds of devs "incompetent."

I'm very curious. Armchair development is easy, but doesn't count.

Live_Larry1224d ago

More like the ultimate pay to win scam. Every little thing in this game seems to cost money, from ships, to weapons; even decorations cost something.

I remember browsing their site a few months ago, and seeing packs costing upwards of TEN THOUSAND USD!

Guess it was only a matter time before the mobile "in-app purchase" formula arrived to the AAA PC/console gaming scene.

mixelon1224d ago

Good to see them keeping up the good work.

They're doing a lot - no need to half bake something like this - they have the resources to make a game that's truly as ambitious as they could want. Rushing it out for any reason would be ridiculous. I'd much rather play it with its SP campaign, lots of multiplayer options and the FPS module than have to wait for each bit to be patched in over time (we have elite dangerous for that, heh.)

If the money means they can deliver on even more ambitious stuff but it takes a bit longer? They should go for it. What is the rush?

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