Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition Has an Awesome Local Dynamic Split-Screen Mode | EB

EB: Larian Studios showed off the PS4 build of its Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition (DOS: EE) at E3 2015, and among all of its updates and changes, I found the new local multiplayer split-screen mode to be one of the most impressive.

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Takwin1199d ago

I put about 90 hours into beating it when it came out. It is far better than other similar tactical RPGs or "old school" games like Pillars of Eternity (didn't like that one) and improves upon a lot of things on games like Baldur's Gate.

I highly recommend this game - but it is not a hand-holder, you will almost definitely get frustrated and absolutely need a guide to progress at a few points, and is nothing like the action RPGs that I also love (Witcher, Skyrim, and basically Dragon Age now too).

Skate-AK1199d ago

Wow. I never heard of this game at all. Going to have to do some research.