Could Nintendo Launch The Nintendo NX Successfully in July?

"A large number of rumors have been circulating regarding the release of the Nintendo NX. Although some rumors have a little more credibility than others, none of the supposedly “leaked” information has been confirmed. One of the bits leaked, however, piqued my interest. According to this “report,” Nintendo is planning to begin mass production of the Nintendo NX in May or June of next year, with a full release planned for July. Without a history of releasing hardware in the summer, many simply assumed this rumor to be untrue. However, this information still begs the question: Could Nintendo launch a console successfully in July?" --
Nintendo Enthusiast.

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dead_pixels1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

That depends entirely on the launch lineup. While there was initial excitement for the Wii U leading up to its launch, an all but nonexistent launch lineup made for the first console debut in recent memory where Nintendo consoles collected dust on store shelves.

Nintendo has to prove the potential of their next system before even the staunchest Nintendo die-hards commit next go-round. They'll have to do this by ensuring a large stable of high-quality software on launch day from both first and third parties.

That said, with the next console potentially (though, in my mind doubtfully) rolling out in 12 months while no studios that we know of have any dev kits, the chances of that are slim to none.

mikeslemonade1201d ago

There was hardly any excitement for the WiiU. Not even I knew it launched whenever it did.

R00bot1201d ago

There was excitement, it just died off quickly. For the first week or so it was outdoing the sales of the PS4's launch week.

NintendoSonyfan1201d ago

That non-existent launch lineup of almost 30 games was larger than PS4 or Xbones lineups though. A huge launch library doesn't mean anything. PS1 had only a few games at launch but did well anyway.

pcz1201d ago

this current generation of consoles will be so strongly established by this time next year that if nintendo launched a console it would be dead on arrival.

in any case i strongly doubt nintendos ability to delivery a satisfactory console, much less games which can compete graphically with what ps4/x1 is doing.

and before the fans start crying ''its not about the graphics!'' ... it is. that is the whole point in updating the hardware, to produce games with superior graphics to the last gen.

but here is the most concerning problem- nintendo just arent up to speed. even with wiiu they were producing games that looked little more than wii graphics. and lets not forget a wii is basically a souped up gamecube. why are nintendo magically going to start producing game with cutting edge graphics. the answer is simple- they wont.

in fact, their attitude towards presentation is getting worse and worse, now their games have this odd look to them that gives the impression they were made not by artists, or even creative people, but in a board room by people with flow charts and clip boards... that is, they are merely functional and most likely look this way because the company wants to save money and maximize profits. how else can you explain starfox zero and that new metroid game?

in short, i think the NX is going to be a disaster.

marloc_x1201d ago

I think we are seeing deminishing returns on graphics from the HD twins already,
and the massive resources put into graphical fidelity could be better utilized, (sorry Ready at Dawn).

Neonridr1200d ago

lol.. games like MK8, Bayonetta 2, etc did not look like "little more than wii graphics", get a clue.

iplay1up21201d ago

That is what I have been saying for weeks..No development kits=No games.

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FallenAngel19841201d ago

Software overall doesn't sell well over the summer season these days. Launching a dedicated gaming platform in that season in the modern age would be a disaster.

lizard812881201d ago

I agree. They did the same thing with the Wiiu (in spring/summer)and it was teribad. They should have waited until winter, when LoZ:WW HD and Mario 3D world came out.

If they do this again....Ugh...As much as I hate the low stock/artificial demand, launching in Winter makes more sense, even if the NX becomes rare. People seem to spend more money during the holidays than not. Summer is for going outside and going on vacation.

Then again, they NEED games and third party support too. The Wiiu had garbage ports with games missing features and set at a higher prices.

Lets see if Nintendo learns from their mistakes.

Neonridr1200d ago

@lizard81288 - the Wii U launched in November of 2012, not sure what you are going on about there..

lizard812881200d ago

My bad, I think I got it mixed up with the 3DS. derp

porkChop1201d ago

Untrue. Big releases do very well in the summer drought specifically because there's usually little to no competition. If Nintendo was to release a new console with an interesting launch lineup during the middle of the summer when people are out of school and have more free time, the system would likely be very successful.

FallenAngel19841201d ago

Only big games do well. Regular software on average does not do as well during summer as it does in other seasons. Nintendo would not want to risk anything by launching then, they'll logically wait until the holiday season when buying habits are at their highest.

Launching a console in today's age wouldn't be very smart since we have a lot more entrainment options available than when the N64 launched.

gameboy11201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

They wont release the NX until december basically the holiday period,they will get about 8/10 retail releases ready for launch big games like Mario Galaxy2 or Mario128 who know's but yeah expect mega games ready for launch so december2016 expect it to launch and be the No1 Christmas present....

They will start building the hype in june/july2016 in Magazines,E3,Newspapers,and all over ever social networking site...then release in dec when the hype train has had a nice 6 months..

curtis921201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

3 different outcomes I see with this.

1) hardware is comparable to ps4/xbo. 3rd party hesitant to invest dev time into making a THIRD new-gen port when install base will understandably be small compared to ps4/xbo. So third party will be scattered. Online support form nintendo is still many years behind XBL/PSN so your online competitive community will be small. So once again you're buying a nintendo system to be your complimentary system to your other console.

2) it's more powerful than ps4/xbo yet third party is very weary of going out of their way to make content take advantage of NX hardware because, again, install base will be super low and they're not sure if they'd make any kind of ROI. Online support still years behind...

3) they go back to the novelty/gimmick approach and try to catch everyones eye. Best case scenario: lightning strikes twice, they create a new fad, it's hugely successful, still crap third party support minus shovelware and then fad dies, as does demand (Wii 2).

Any way you look at it, N has back themselves into a corner. Releasing a new system in the MIDDLE of a gen (again!) doesn't seem smart. Wii U released after the Wii's massive, yet short-lived success, and still failed. Why would a successor to a failed system which would mimic the very tacts of said failed system suddenly succeed? To me they're repeating the same formula of Wii U.

Scatpants1201d ago

The only thing I can figure is that it has something special that we haven't seen before and will want to buy. If it's just a straight up console it seems doomed to failure.

ShottyatLaw1201d ago

Agreed. I have a sinking suspicion that the NX is not at all what people think.

Expecting the worst, hoping for the best.

NukaCola1201d ago

I still think that the NX means Nintendo X / Cross multiple platforms. I see this as a platform rather than a home console. Could be megaton if Nintendo put their IPs on other systems.

I am probably wrong but it seems like Nintendo is in a position where this would make some sense.

Angeljuice1201d ago

I think it's a handheld that becomes a home console. I think they may try to crossover their massive handheld and faltering home console users.

One system for both markets, it would make a lot of financial sense but there's a compromise between power and price that would be crucial to get right.

Scatpants1201d ago

That was my guess is that its a merging of the 3DS and a home console somehow. I would probably buy that, but I'm a sucker for portables.

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_-EDMIX-_1201d ago

"Online support form nintendo is still many years behind XBL/PSN"

They have to start in order to even be "behind" was Sony not behind MS last gen in online? yet look at them now. I'm sorry but their online will factor solely on them actually wanting to do it, MS nor Sony being better or doing it longer mean very little.

MS was doing it a whole gen before Sony, yet PSN exist today.

They need to start it already..

"Releasing a new system in the MIDDLE of a gen (again!) doesn't seem smart"

Agreed and agreed, but I feel because they don't want to compete directly against MS nor Sony thus it matters not when they release during a gen, now if they where directly competing, then its a bad idea, but if NX is what I think it is, it might not be a bad idea as it might not even factor against PS4 and XONE.

I think NX will be both a handheld and console. Like the PSP 3000, it will plug into the tv and allow for gamers to game on TV, then on the go if they feel just.

I think sorta like the Gameboy Player for the Gamecube, it will have some sorta of docking station with a Wii U type tablet if its going to be duel screen.

DS like device, as powerful as a PS3 (as Vita is as powerful as a PS3) if not MORE powerful (likely near XONE)

A docking station with a Wii U tablet.

When docked, the TV will be the top screen, the Wii U tablet will be the bottom screen. I think it won't be "both" as they are advertising, it will merely be a powerful handheld that can be played on a TV screen. I think Nintendo's NX will be the start of Nintendo no longer making consoles, but focusing on handhelds. I could never call GBA a "console" because of the player, same with the PSP 3000, they merely have options to play on a bigger screen and I think that is what Nintendo will do.

Thus, it matters not when they release as they will be focusing on their handheld anyway. I would get it as I currently own a 3DS right now, doesn't stop me from getting many PS4 games either.

You could always have it in the dock only to play on TV, or always have it on the go like a regular handheld. Gamers get games on 1 PLATFORM, don't have to see other IPs ONLY going to one or the other, Nintendo quietly steps out of the console market and focuses on handheld money.

They can do it and it can work.

curtis921201d ago

But they just released a "New 3DS" though. I just can't see them going for yet another handheld anytime soon.

And if their recent history is an indication, they'll probably name NX something horrible. Like "New Wii U" and just cause even more consumer confusion. Too bad their marketing works against them so often.

_-EDMIX-_1201d ago

@Curtis92- Nintendo always has revisions of their handhelds....its not a "new" handheld, its just a revision.

Sony and MS also revise their systems many times in a gen, I would not count it as a "new" system so I'm not really sure why anyone in their right mind would.

They will very much release a new handheld and the NX sounds like its likely just that. 5 to 6 years is the amount of time Nintendo has with a handheld before releasing another.

Start of 2011 is when 3DS released so 2016,2017 is around the right time for them to release another handheld, NX might very much be just that. I'm calling its a handheld that can out to a TV ala the PSP 3000 series.

I think they are getting out of the console market and they are giving their console fans a chance to play their games on a big screen if they feel just. Their handheld market is just way, way larger then their console market and they might not see a reason to keep losing money making console hardware and games.

Might as well make 1 platform that can out to a TV and take on the go.

Monster_Tard1201d ago

Reggie and other employees have already referred to it as a home console, if it was mainly a handheld I don't think they would have called it a home console, although they have been doing some questionable stuff lately so who knows.

_-EDMIX-_1201d ago

@Monster- they also stated they wanted to keep a lid on what the main function of the system was based on competitors.

They can't come out and state its both as that is sort of the surprise. Something is legit telling me is likely both. They might be calling it a home console for a reason as the big catch is that it can be if you want it to be.

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truechainz1200d ago

Since they already announced that their partnership with DeNA is going to contribute to overhauling their online infrastructure for whatever the NX is going to be, I don't see how you are assuming they would be years behind in online support. Then again I also wouldn't assume that they are going to try to participate in the power arms race either.

Summons751201d ago


These speculations are getting even more ridiculous and the more tidbits Nintendo lets slip the more I'm thinking this is a relaunch of the WiiU with some upgrades making it more powerful than the WiiU but not greatly. If they launch console gen 9 this early they may as well close because not only do they have support for the WiiU through 2017 right now but they would be betraying everything they stand for and their fans.

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