My First Splatfest Impressions

The first Splatfest was not as messy as intended.

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gameboy11222d ago

Splatoon is kicking ass in the UK for a game on 1 platform,i mean all these multiplats bragging about sales makes me laugh because they get the most advertising ect but Splatoon really has captured gamers attention in the UK....

Nintendo should get making some more new IP's....they sell well.

N4g_null1222d ago

Hey there are plenty wanting to sell even on this site. Find one and we will see you online! The single player is great also. nintendo has a winner in this game. I want to see this team make more games like this.

Ok let me go and get my rank up, these guys are getting better and better. seriously this may end up being a pro gramer game, yes it's that good. Oh and nintendo does sell refurbished. Heck you could sell your ps4 and get another one when uncharted comes out, thats almost a year.