New Darkest Dungeon Patch Drops July 15th

The Houndmaster, new diseases and a host of other additions and tweaks are on the way in the Hound and Corpse patch, coming to Darkest Dungeon next Wednesday.

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kyon1471251d ago

I still want to get this game but just find it hard to find the time to play additional games.

Is it worth it?

phoenixwake1250d ago

It is one of the best and most polished Early Access games I've played, but there is a very real possibility of early burnout while the game is unfinished, while you wait for the final game to come out. I played it quite a bit (20 or so hours) in its first few versions, but am now waiting until it's done so I can experience the complete edition. I feel confident that I can recommend the game once it's done.

Seafort1251d ago

Yup brilliant game :)

A lot of content, quite polished for an Early Access game and pretty tough challenge too.

So glad I backed it on Kickstarter.