Eight Lesser Known Games for Xbox One Backward Compatibility

The Xbox 360 had plenty of hidden-gems which should be included in the Xbox One's backward compatibility program.

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CJ64Bit2171d ago

Nier was actually on the original list but I cut it because I didnt know how to accurately describe the game in a managed size. I do love Nier though!

Software_Lover2178d ago

I'm just guessing........ but if they can emulate the 360, then they can emulate the original Xbox games that are available on the 360 through emulation also........ right?

Paradox lol

jetlian2178d ago

Yea they could and I think they might. They mentioned it. I hope mark of the ninja gets on there. I still haven't played it and I got it day one

Nick_The_Slick2178d ago

Yes, and it's much easier and less demanding to emulate original Xbox games as well. They said they don't see why not..

ShottyatLaw2178d ago

That's a pretty nice list. I own quite a few of these, and I hope they bring them over. The biggest benefit of the BC is the Arcade titles, in my opinion. I usually grab one or two indies off of XBL or PSN each month, and I have been for years now. There's a chance to increase the catalog ten-fold with BC with the indies of the previous gen (and get them at a great discount).

Announcing that the process comes at no cost to the original publisher, requiring only their permission, was a very smart move from MS. It puts the pressure on the publishers to do the consumer-friendly thing and bring them to BC, and I'm willing to bet most will take the opportunity for the good PR move. I'm sure some of the big guys won't want to miss the opportunity to hit us with needless remasters, but hopefully smaller devs like some of those highlighted in this list will be more open to the idea.

INTOmyMOUTH2178d ago

I say focus on bringing xbla titles backwards compatible. Yeah disc games are cool but considering that xbla seems right. So far, I've played all titles on preview program and xbla seemed the best. Send me an invite and I'll invite you to see for real.

Nick_The_Slick2178d ago

I've been playing the first Geometry Wars Evolved on the X1 recently.

urwifeminder2178d ago

Will buy Blur again miss the joy of that game.