Streets Of Fury EX - Review (PC) | Voletic

Once upon a time motion captured sprites were the pinnacle of graphics technology. Mortal Kombat is almost certainly the most famous example of ‘digitised sprites‘, in which video footage of real actors is condensed and rendered as two dimensional sprites. Those ‘photo realistic’ fighters in Mortal Kombat were at one time or another considered to be state of the art. I would argue that the famous moral panic surrounding the level of violence in Mortal Kombat was heightened by this ’realistic’ depiction of ninja on ninja violence and brutality. But as 2D trends gave way for 3D advancements in graphics, this tech fell to the wayside in favour of your now conventional polygons and fully rendered character models. With the recent rise in popularity of retro-chic and pixel-art, it was only a matter of time till an indie game stepped up and took advantage of this retro rendering style. Streets of Fury EX is exactly that; a side scrolling beat-em-up whose gimmick is a throwback to a graphi...

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