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Daniel Krupa Writes ""We want trading to be fun. We want it to be understandable, because already the game’s already quite large," says Sean Murray, co-founder of Hello Games and the one of the lead architects behind No Man's Sky."

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nucky641251d ago

interesting. every time they release more info, i just want the game even more.

JEECE1251d ago

Exactly. I've been sold on the concept of the game since the announcement, just sell me a copy already.

Irishguy951251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Just wanna point this out

This thing has made some headway since this video. They got the scale done alot better than NMS. But they're slow as ****

Anyhow, I cannot wait for NMS.

Irishguy951251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

What do you mean whats my point? I'm pointing out another awesome looking space game where they can enter the atmosphere from space. What other point could I be making?

Unless you disagree that the scale is done better? As I said above too, they're slow as ****, they're taking AGES to get it done. Whereas NMS looks finished and has implemented many other mechanics into it already.

sinspirit1251d ago

Their office was flooded and erased almost all progress they made with the game. Sorry that you can't buy it yet :c

Irishguy951251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

WHat are talking about sinspirit? NMS was the one with the office flooded. Project infinity was never flooded. I'm complaining about infinity taking ages not NMS. NMS looks basically finished. It has lots of great features in too. Whereas infinity barely have anything else othe than the planets done.

sinspirit1250d ago

Yes. I was talking about NMS. That was quite obvious.

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Sevir1251d ago

I didn't want this game until yesterday. And the reason being is because the message of what the game is was muddled and very convoluted... After reading about the economy and seeing the how you can play the game any way you want. It's really become more than something that's just an interesting concept.

smolinsk1251d ago

Looks really good so far:)

Rimeskeem1251d ago

I actually wonder how long it would take to travel from one end to the other.

one2thr1251d ago

Well in a interveiw video it took him about 1 to 2 minutes to travel from a planet he discovered to get somewhere nearly close to the center of the universe, at a pace that looked like it was covering light years in seconds, and to put that into perspective, a ship that you, me or anyone else that would be piloting didnt/wont even register as a pixel to how far he zoomed out the camera.

Sorta too big to fathom.

UltraNova1251d ago

Actually this is what scares me, the chaotic size of this simulated universe is intimidating and you can only explore so much before moving on to the next game.

I cant help the bad feeling that I will be forced to move on at some point knowing that, in reality, I haven't even 'completed' 0.0001% of the game.

My question is will it have some kind of leveling/ranking system that will help you return for months even years to come, like say Diablo?

bennissimo1251d ago

Looks like it tries to do too much without doing any one thing particularly well.

nucky641251d ago

how, exactly, does it "look" that way?

GrubsterBeater1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

@ Bennissimo
Nice assumption about a game you have never played, and have very limited information on thus far. Also, judging by your comment history, it seems you don't have a PS4, or have any intention of procuring yourself one in the foreseeable future. Have fun with Halo, because I'll be enjoying this masterpiece when it is released.

waverebel4171251d ago

Could say the same about your assumption Grubster

GrubsterBeater1251d ago

You could, Waverebel. Except my "assumption" wasn't a poor attempt at trolling on an article about a game that I have no intention of even giving a chance because I'm a Xbox fanboy, like what Bennissimo was doing. Nice try though.

JackStraw1251d ago

Maybe the one thing it does well is doing many different things pretty good?

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