How Different Would The Video Game Industry Be If The Nintendo PlayStation Was Released?

The Nintendo PlayStation could have had a huge impact on the video game industry if it existed as a real product of collaboration between two gaming giants.

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Neonridr1197d ago

Definitely a point in life where you wish you could view a "What If" scenario to see the other side of the coin. I mean instead of going head to head, they would have worked together. The Playstation as we know it would have never released, Sony may have never gotten into the hardware business at all...

Nintendo and Sony could have been partners for consoles to come, who knows?

TwoForce1196d ago

I know, but it was mistake by Nintendo for working Phillips which is the biggest Rivals of Sony. Sony took revenge on Nintendo by Create a New Console for their own. Period.

Psygnosis3331196d ago

I agree but isnt Sony making the hardware so they going to risk if the hardware is not selling ? .....Like original PSX parts to produce costed more then the hole console selled,they make huge lost in $ on every unit sell,profit gainet over time tru games... what are your thougts on that ?

My thoughts are it was a joint venture in hardware how much money was nintendo putting in themselves ? nobody knows. I mean it was basically a Super Nes Cd .. nintendo would have invested lots.. you would think

Obviously nintendo didnt like what sony offered

But its still strange move by Nintendo,,if they dontl like the dial you wouldnt wait to cancel it last minute when the hardware is built an concepts and run away to sonys competitor.. its a very very bad move

Actually it was after revising the contract where they realized what was happening .. thats when they pulled the pin. Apparently

Me and some random person talked about this staff before ;P

Relientk771196d ago

Who knows it could be Nintendo and Sony Vs. Sega Vs. Microsoft for all we know

hkgamer1196d ago

the snes playstation thing would have been a bad deal for sony in a sense. look at how succesful the PS1 was when it got released, sony put in a lot of effort and innovation that made the playstation brand what it is today and it is one of the main factors it is alive today.

snes playstation thing looked like a sega neptune type project.

tweet751195d ago

Well it would probably be sony vs Microsoft and Sony would win because they had mario and zelda on their side