Why games today are overwhelming

Davis from Gamespresso explains why current generation gaming is overwhelming with all of the content of today's games.

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Rimeskeem1201d ago

Sometimes all I want is a nice straight story with fun character(s) to play as and watch. Maybe a nice simple MP as well that doesn't involve creating classes with easy to learn, difficult to master objectives.

mikeslemonade1201d ago

Games are more underwhelming since the margin of improvement is becoming less and less. Also many of the genres are stale. The next big leap won't be until we see VR and AR. 2D gaming has reached its limit and 3D gaming on a flat panel is approaching the limit.

spacedelete1201d ago

its probably why i couldn't be more bored with games now.

Kleptic1201d ago

^totally agree...

I've bought 2 new games in 1.5 to 2 years...GTAV and BF4...GTAV was great (so great it was the best game of 2013, and 2014, i guess.........)...and BF4 could've been great, but was broken...and on any competitive level; still is...

nearly all of my purchasing has been through steam on stuff i missed last gen...Rage, full game with dlc...$1.50...Alan Wake, all episodes w/ dlc...$2.50...Half life 1, half life 2, both new episodes for HL2 (played all that before but w/e), portal 1, portal 2, L4D 1, and L4D 2...$4.99 for all of them...

still haven't played through all that...but i haven't found anything current gen to be remotely interesting to me...the only games i'm half excited about are fallout 4 and Doom...and definitely uncharted 4, but don't own a PS4...and have never purchased a console based on a single game...

its not that i don't like gaming anymore...its just that BF4, and the non-stop consumer assault w/ new games simply not working...i just wait a few weeks or months for stuff to get fixed...problem is, by then, i don't even remotely care anymore...MKX was a great example, would've been all over the time it was fixed i had watched all the story stuff on youtube and simply didn't care haha...

darren_poolies1200d ago


If you're a gamer then I really don't understand how you can't have found absolutely anything you're interested in this gen so far.

nX1200d ago

Anyone bored with gaming should play through Bloodborne, best game I played since Skyrimand definitely challenging enough. Witcher 3 is pretty good as well but it'll kill your social life completely and you don't want that happening in summer. Other than that you have to try Rocket League, it's probably the most fun I've ever had with a video game.

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Jaqen_Hghar1200d ago

that's why a man liked the Order and replays his cinematic linear games frequently. Nice to have a simple playthrough

Rimeskeem1200d ago

Yah, i enjoyed the game, it was a nice rental, I was actually aiming towards Uncharted.

gobluesamg1201d ago

Sometimes I put in a new game like Inquisition and just don't know where to start. I have to alternate genres. I wanted Witcher but just couldn't face it after Inquisition and GTA V. What's that called open world fatigue?

spacedelete1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

you need a good linear game but obviously not too linear. basically you need a linear game with replay value so something like Resident Evil 4 would do the trick.

Nerdmaster1201d ago

The moment I read the article title I thought about Dragon Age Inquisition. I started playing it this weekend, I've been playing it for a little more than 4 or 5 hours, and I still feel completely lost. If I hadn't spent so much on this game, I would probably have stopped playing it by now.

And this is without mentioning the buggy mess that this game is. Sometimes it just refuses to work for more than 10 minutes and it just closes itself.

DHagen101200d ago

That's exactly the game that made me write this article. There is honestly too much to do. It's overwhelming haha

Roccetarius1200d ago

Dragon Age: Inquisition is both a poor / good example of too much to do. The content itself is MMO-like and only serves as padding with a short amount of actual story-content.

The Witcher 3 has more story content than the former, but it also has quite a few holes in that story and the way they portray characters that are shadows of their former selves.

What they thought about with the story overall / characters is beyond me, but i do know the world structure damaged the narrative and general content of the game, simply to make something they could say was bigger.

gobluesamg1200d ago

Inquisition takes awhile to get going but eventually the story and battles become very engaging. Some grinding on side quests is necessary to make your character powerful. I liked the game a lot.

darren_poolies1200d ago

You need Bloodborne. Not too long, not too short, not completely open world but definitely not linear either.

Mega241201d ago

I guess this is a problem concerning console players. I've found enough variation to not get bored. If you think a genre is starting to suck, just check the indie section of your platform, you'll find really fun games that don't overwhelm with content or length like Inquisition, Witcher, and GTA has.

urwifeminder1201d ago

Most open world games are just like looking for car keys in a virtual lounge the size of a city but not all. I still enjoy just finishing a level and moving on unlock a new weapon and is auto equipped .

Kleptic1201d ago

brutal doom v20 released about a month ago and that is pretty much all i've done game wise...for the exact reasons you said...

find a switch...push it...and move on...its like mowing grass, i just turn my brain off and actually still have fun with what is mostly a 20+ year old game...going through the doom 2 levels that i know by heart on UV again is surprisingly relaxing...and still challenging, in a good way...

franwex1201d ago

I was recently thinking the same thing. There's so much to do that I lose interest almost immediately. Kinda backwards. I thought I was in the minority!

Youngindy211201d ago

You are definitely not in the minority. The other day I rented Far Cry 4 and I didn't realize it was an open-world game. Well, after a while of playing it I kinda got bored. Having to travel from point A to point B just to start a mission makes a game get real old, real fast.

Fez1200d ago

So true. That's why Red Dead Redemption was a chore for me to finish. By the end it felt like endless riding on a horse through barren lands to get to the next mission. There's many other examples of this as well. Open world is what has me worried with MGS.

ginsunuva1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Like 70% of GTA5's 40-hr story mode was driving through traffic.

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