Most boys believe female characters are objectified in gaming

A study has found that up to 61% of school age boys in America believe that female characters are too often treated as sex objects in games.

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insomnium21251d ago

Men are also treated as sex objects and as meat to the grinder all the time and they are way too muscular etc.


Should we only have fat ugly lesbian wheelchair diabetics as main characters now?

Bionic_Simba1251d ago

That's a fair point. Would like to see how many girls believe that male characters are objectified in games. Although I doubt too many are attracted to characters like Marcus Fenix or Ken and Ryu.

Rimeskeem1251d ago

But there are those like Nathan Drake, Dante, and Cloud that I can see females being attracted to.

SolidStoner1251d ago

nice points you all made there! I really hope we all get equal, good parenting and education can help alot..

"fat ugly lesbian wheelchair diabetics as main characters now?" nice character for next GTA series! :D

Concertoine1251d ago


Woman here, i can confidently say the ONLY game character that ive ever been attracted to was Joel from TLOU. He just seems so real and delicious. Every guy i talk to has a man crush on Joel too.

Docknoss1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

Man Here, I can confidently say that Cammy and a jubilee of other exquisite female characters in the gaming industry. Made my gaming experience alot more attractive in those Snes days to current Gen. It's basic human nature for men to like sexy women and for women to like Strong Alpha Male's. Of course this will be portrayed more in video games where your core demographic is male.

donthate1250d ago

I think that is besides the point. It isn't a "you vs me" or "male vs female".

Female are overly sexualized and objectified way more than men. What we should be fighting for is men/women that are deeper characters that shows that they can do a variety of things.

I think we are on the right path towards this with more games featuring strong female characters, but it doesn't mean we are getting rid of strong male characters.

I wish games would have more "normal" characters in games. What about that geeky guy that when pushed to the edge has no choice, but to be a hero?

Dee_911250d ago

Well some games like witcher 3 and mortal kombat, yea, they have overly sexual outfits.It does kinda take away from the authenticity, thats my only complaint, but all this, "they portray women incorrectly" or "its degrading women" is BS in my opinion.But then again, i'm not a woman so its not in my position to judge how women feel about women in various entertainment mediums.But as a man, I find it hard to be envious, or feel some type of way because some guy has enormous pecs and a perfectly shaped butt in a video game.If anything it would make we want to work out more lol

IceKoldKilla1250d ago

I agree women need to be presented more strongly, especially mentally. Biologically women are physically weaker but many men are weaker or just as weak and all skin n bones. We have all types of humans. One thing I beg for as a man is for women to cover up that huge slutty cleavage. Are the devs so horny? Do they want me to get a boner in a cutscene or while I fight enemies? Also, women contribute to this objectification. For ages society (mostly men) have made females think they are weak and inferior in every way, especially years ago. So parents grew teaching their daughters to only play with babies, wear pink, be pretty, get married, be a house wife, take care of your man, etc. Not all but many so only now we see younger people being exposed to the truth about women being equals. Another way women contribute to this objectification is by making more money by showing off your ass with tight pants, thong hanging out, cleavage and flirting with men to sell things at events, stores, online, etc. They don't wanna change the world. They rather play by rules and be guaranteed success thanks to their pretty face, slutty outfits and flirty attitude even going far as having sex to gain higher positions. Anyways, we seem to be changing slowly and internet helps. We can now communicate with almost anyone around the world and learn from each other. Glad N4G's community is mature when these subjects come along. N4G gets a negative image many times no thanks to fanboys that are ignorant, stupid and immature. With these comments, it helps me believe the world IS changing into a better place.

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camel_toad1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

"Fat ugly lesbian wheelchair diabetics" lol... you pretty much did a sweep of stereotypes there. Good stuff. So tired of all the politically correct bs everywhere.

Funny bubble+

turdburgler10801251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I'd love to see a fat ugly lesbian diabetic game character. You would have to take insulin shots the way you took malaria pills in far cry 2. It would be a real eye opener;-)

Eldyraen1251d ago

Dead Rising games are closest you will probably ever come to a character described that way even if they are bosses and not playable.

Mega241251d ago

This guy is on point.

Rachel_Alucard1250d ago

That's because woman are generally in a big fight over who's the prettiest and when they see video game women outdoing them, they think men will suddenly develop unrealistic expectations of beauty. It's also a group of fat Dyke rejects who are just jelly they will never be as pretty as some people just scapegoating their competition.

SuperbVillain1250d ago

I would like to see a game like that

assdan1250d ago

Here's a good example. So in mass effect, male characters usually are wearing large heavy armor, while the females are wearing incredibly tight fitting outfits instead. Female characters generally where a lot less clothing than their male counterparts.

MRMagoo1231250d ago

You mean like most teen girls and young woman now days in real life ?

insomnium21250d ago

I usually live by "show 'em if you got 'em". I myself wear tight clothes and get much admiration or jealousy depending if the looker is male or female (or gay or straight for that matter). I'm a male myself btw and I like to work out at the gym (6.3ft and about 242 pounds).

I also get catcalled and my appearance talked about by strangers all the time even when I'm out with my wife. If I couldn't handle that I would wear something not so tight/revealing --> not bitch about it.

That said I really love beautiful women with tight revealing clothes wether it be in videogames or in real life. I keep myself in shape so all the women can ogle my body just as objectifying as they like and as long and much as they like. They can catcall or dicuss about my appearence all they want just like men can be just as jealous and resentfull as they want. See if I care.

Sexy men and sexy women in real life and in vdeogames. Like I said earlier. So what?

assdan1250d ago

@mrmagoo, I'm saying there's a clear sexualization, and it's annoying. When I see someone going into battle in a suit of armor the barely hides genitalia, it's really takes you out of the game, when next to her is a guy wearing massive protective armor, which would actually make sense. If you think women aren't sexualized in games, your under a delusion.

Greyfoxdbz1250d ago

I think it is important for people to realise that objectification is not a bad word. Feminists use it to shame men for liking women prettier than themselves but we all judge people based on how they look, it's natural. Also being sexually attracted to someone does not diminish how much you value their ability to do velociraptor impressions, or how intelligent you think they are. The only difference is that the way someone looks is immediately apparent so we judge that thing first.

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ShinMaster1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

I'm sure many of them don't know what actual sexual objectification is.

A character that shows some skin isn't a "sex object". There's nothing wrong with sexuality and it doesn't devalue a character.
What does having large breasts have to do with dignity?

iceman061251d ago

You forgot one thing...this was in the US. Therefore, everything you said about skin not equaling sex object is rendered moot. You know...'Merica...where we sell sex and condemn it at the same time! LOL

GortJester1250d ago

Hateful bullet-point propaganda about the U.S. for the win... it's pretty tired by now that the U.S. is this and the U.S. is that because I say so and not based on anything real.

SilentNegotiator1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Modern feminists have no clue.

T-What1251d ago Show
001251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

whats with all this stupid stuff about objectification? both men and women are objectified in entertainment media's and have been for decades it feels like society is going backwards where showing anything but the eyes is going to be considered sexual objectification.

iceman061251d ago

Can you imagine the EYE porn that will be generated from that!?!? LOL Just think, there was a time where showing one's ankles was considered slutty!!!

Rooted_Dust1250d ago

It's the whole squeaky wheel thing...most guys don't find that kind of thing threatening to their self image.

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