Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Preview – No Tiger, No Problem | COG

COG writes: EA Sports PGA Tour returns to the links next week with a new engine, new features and a new cover athlete. Since 1998 Tiger Woods has been the face of the franchise. Can Rory take this series to new heights?

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iistuii1201d ago

Looking forward to this. I'm gonna have a good go on it if it's true we get 10 hours on it with EA Access. Used to love PGA Golf games.

Khajiit861201d ago

I agree, Im actually kind of excited for this game, havent been excited for a PGA Tour game in like 10 years lol

denawayne1201d ago

Sorry to say but Tiger is still the face of golf. Just look at ratings when he plays in a tourney. He has more of a crowd following him around the course, still, than anyone else playing. Removing his likeness will definitely hurt this franchise.

Disagree if you want but the truth is the truth.

Khajiit861201d ago


Tiger is the reason I like golf but hes not close to what he used to be, hopefully he can win a couple more majors. I would not be surprised 1 bit id it happened but Rory is the guy now, unless Spieth can take his spot. Great young players.

n4rc1201d ago

same.. my roommate and i would play daily..

should be out tomorrow (i think) for trial on ea access.. im already preloaded and ready to go

TheBrit1201d ago

Pre-loaded also - was wondering when it was hitting EA Access

3-4-51201d ago

Can't wait to play this.

Disappointed about only 8 courses ( 9 with pre-order), but because the courses are more realistic and detailed, the courses should be more enjoyable to play on and more distinct and unique.

At least hopefully.

SolidDuck1201d ago

The fact that this game is a platform and there not doing yearly releases is awesome.

forager1201d ago

Very happy about that as well. I think they just wanted a solid foundation and grow from there hence the lack of content. Well see where it goes!

stormswrath1201d ago

8 courses and 12 golfers? More by way of dlc. Here we go. Paltry offering in the beginning so you can pay to get what you should already have gotten. No thanks. I'll wait.