Logitech is Changing it's Name to "Logi" Because Tech Means Nothing

You know Logitech, that company that makes the great keyboards, and the great speakers, and the great gaming mice?

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Sureshot1200d ago

Logi, Coz their products are turd like

Nodoze1200d ago

100% disagree with this. They make some of the greatest peripherals in the business. Sure they may have a few that are not the best (some of the bargain products) but their keyboards and mice are fantastic!

NewMonday1200d ago

sound close to Logia

One Piece lawsuit incoming

Transporter471199d ago

Totally agree. I am a huge fan of their keyboards and headphones. I don't really care too much for their controllers, but some are decent.

ifistbrowni1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

I have a logitech universal remote for about 8 years.. I've beat the hell out of it but it still works flawlessly for 4 completely different devices

1. Sony Bravia
2. Vizio Sound Bar
3. Sony Surround Sound
4. Comcast cable box

I bought it for about $30, so yeah... Logitech is far from useless. Just to replace the sound bar remote would've been like $15.

GameSpawn1199d ago

Also, people may have been using a wireless Logitech keyboard and/or mouse without knowing it. Most of Dell's wireless keyboard and mouse combos and bluetooth mice are just rebranded Logitechs. They even use Logitech's software.

I've used Logitech keyboards and mice for years and they are tough as nails. The only nagging issue I've ever had with their mice (specifically the cheap and mid-tier ones) is that the switches' debounce eventually breaks causing the mouse to double click a lot with a single click; I haven't had this issue with their higher end gaming mice.

Currently using a G510 KB and G600 MMO mouse just fine.

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Software_Lover1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

G13 saved my life when it came to FPS on Pc

Edit: Or any game for that matter. I cant use a keyboard properly.

bradfh1200d ago

Nice avatar, I kid I kid
logitech has way better keyboard and mouse then M$

Parasyte1200d ago

I beg to differ. I love my G500s mouse!

Transporter471199d ago

I love my G510 Keyboard :D

MeteorPanda1200d ago

their customer support is a dinosaur and aparently, if you get a faulty keyboard and take off a key to see if anything was stuck or cancels any warranty so yay. got a old g5 keyboard with the wrapping still on l can't use cause of a spacebar :D

logi or logitech can go swan dive off their hq

One-Shot1200d ago

A lot of my purchases are from logitech and they have been long lasting and done well on performance. I am guessing you only buy Microsoft?

Crowserk1200d ago

Mr. MX 510 and MX 518 would like to have a word with you, nay sayer.

Intranquill1200d ago

Yeah what Nodoze said. I've had a mouse and keyboard that's lasted me almost 10 years of WoW and other constant clicky type games. They make some great products.

Somebody1200d ago

Sure, the cheaper stuff might be turds like the very cheap wireless keyboard+mouse combo that bricked after several months but the higher end hardware is where Logitech shines.

I bought a Logitech G700 mouse a couple of years ago and it got flung hard several times but it still functions. Around the same time as the mouse I bought a G930 wireless headset and it too received a lot of beating because I carry it around a lot but still perform as expected.

Older than the mouse and headset is the MoMo gaming wheel that I bought when NFS: Most Wanted/X Box 360 just came out and even older is the Extreme 3D Pro flight stick. Both served me well over the years and they are still in working conditions.

stragomccloud1200d ago

I've been nothing but satisfied with all of their products. Their high end gaming stuff is the best. Maybe their low end stuff is crap; however, their mid and higher end stuff is really great.

Kleptic1199d ago

bought a G700s gaming mouse at Best Buy in 2013...been thrilled with it...answered some survey thing, BB sent me a %75 off coupon for any logitech gaming headset...bought a G930 for effectively $20...I love how both products work with the same G software client...and the arx phone app thing is actually great for switching sound or mouse profiles in game without having to exit back to my desktop...very convenient in any multiplayer game imo, as even with 13 mouse buttons...they're all used up on most titles i regularly play...

filled out another survey thing: got a giant cloth mouse pad in the mail about a week later.

will say...I do have a K800i keyboard...and while its a great keyboard for typing, it gets a bit overwhelmed with tab key pops off pretty often, and on certain fps's, as well as hot key crazy games like starcrfat 2, its pretty common for inputs to get missed was on sale when i built my pc, and at the time this pc wasn't very gaming focused...that changed...

Loktai1200d ago

I have a bunch of logitech products including MX518 and G Series stuff all doing fine for years. I would probably not use their speakers in most instances but not because they're crappy just moved past that onto better stuff, but for peripherals its hard to hate.

3-4-51200d ago

* Logitech is a better sounding name than logi.

Logi is kind of a cringeworthy word to say.

Kleptic1199d ago

I sort of agree...but, on forums and peripheral discussion things online...its been common to abbreviate logitech as 'logi' for my head it doesn't seem strange...

but...yeah, actually saying that sounds kind of dumb...the best part is that when i talk about that company out loud...ima just say logitech, forever...the end...

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Mouktouk1200d ago

I must be high because the logo seems to me like an ASCII version of that famous scene from Shining...

FoxyGotGame1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

"Logitech is Changing it's Name to 'Logi' Because Tech Means Nothing..."

Funniest thing I've read all week. People have mixed feelings on the quality of the companies products, but personally, I've not had any issue thus far.

Timesplitter141200d ago

Company names that end with "tech" or "soft" or other techy words usually sound too generic and soulless. "Logi" is much catchier and I think it's a good move. I don't think this change is related to people's opinion of their products' quality

FoxyGotGame1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

"...I don't think this change is related to people's opinion of their products' quality"

I don't either. I mentioned only in reference to Sureshot's top-of-the-page-comment all their products were 'Turd'.

rainslacker1200d ago

I think it's funny, because Logi doesn't really mean anything either. Tech means nothing though? Sounds like they just needed a reason to make a new hip sounding name. I'd imagine computer people think tech means something.:)

I personally like Logitech products. They're not all great, but have everything from entry level to high end. Only ever had one of their products fail on me(outside the old style ball mice) and everything else of theirs I had to replace was because I spilled something on the keyboard. They replaced the one mouse which stopped working free of charge even after I had it for 2 years.

uth111200d ago

is it pronounced like "log", "Yogi", or Law-gi?

Hairy Chewie1200d ago

Its the same as logical technology, just take out the "cal" and the "nology".

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