Give the Elite: Dangerous Preview on Xbox One a skip

MWEB GameZone writes: "Our short time in the gorgeous Elite Dangerous universe was a disappointing first impression and you have to wonder about short, timed previews for notoriously inaccessible works."

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SonZeRo1196d ago

Ouch. If I had such a nightmare time with a "demo" that only gave 1 hour of play on top of that I would think twice about buying the full game, how do I know that when full game comes about it won't be the same crashing on switching apps and the likes?

JoeMcCallister1196d ago

That's kind of the point of the Early Access model though, you're taking a bit of risk with your own money to support and hopefully feel like you're part of the development cycle. There will be bumps and bruises for sure but there's that hope that at the end the final product will be incredible.

I've felt a bit burned by DayZ, H1Z1, and Contagion in particular - funny that they're all zombie games - but the first two are still actively being updated and plugged away at so I can come back in say 6 months and it's a familiar yet completely different game.

If you don't want to take the risk on having a bad time early on, you don't have to. I don't think that excuses developers however, there's an interesting discussion in Early Access as they're charging money for a partially completed product so there's at least some responsibility to have something the player can use out there.

Naga1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

There's some truth to the author's experience. I had barely figured out how to control my ship by the time my 60 minutes was up. It's an incomplete, slightly buggy version of a relatively inaccessible game. But with that said, I was impressed enough by what I saw to make the purchase at the preview rate of $30, and I haven't regretted it at all.

So while the wisdom of giving such a small slice of a complex game is questionable, it worked well enough in my case.

curtis921196d ago

I haven't played it but people are smitten with this game on reddit and it sounds like a truly awesome experience. Just.. you know.. use your own judgment.

Dlacy13g1196d ago

I have it on Xbox One Early preview and am enjoying it. Certainly its early access and there are bugs...but thats kinda the point of Early Access so I don't mind.

Septic1196d ago

I have played it and its brilliant tbh. Its a space sim and yeah a lot needs to be added like but its early preview and its pretty darn crazy some of the stuff in it.

javauns1196d ago

I think this is a biased review. I bought the game and love it for the most part. It has a few issues but thats to be expected with a game thats not 100% ready for a full release. The game is fun you have the freedom to bounty hunt, pirate, trade, illegally trade mine and many more things. You can buy different ships and equip them how you see fit, (this part can be quite expensive tho, you buy a 50 mil ship and need 200 mil to properly outfit it. which is even harder because your mission require you to grind and level up to make like 300k a mission.) But the excitement is that what you do to others can be done to you. You can get pulled out of super cruise and attacked by pirates. You can go exploring and fall for traps that will kill you. And you do all this within you pilots chair. 1 hour isn't even enough time to get a hang of the basic controls to be honest.

TheColbertinator1196d ago

Controls are a cinch on PC. I struggle on the controller unfortunately

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