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Star Fox Zero is Nintendo's biggest game of the forthcoming Christmas period, a mantle it inherited once the powers that be decided The Legend of Zelda would be delayed until 2016. With its new status in the Wii U line-up has come an extra level of scrutiny that, on the evidence of this E3 demo, it possibly wasn't prepared for.

Star Fox Zero plays like the classics of the series – Star Fox on Super Nintendo and Lylat Wars on N64 – with on-rails skirmishes in Fox McCloud's Arwing spacecraft giving way to open areas with free "all-range mode" movement.

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RPGrinder1251d ago

Do I believe this? Or do I believe gamespot, ign, gameinformer, Nintendo world report, and others when they said after E3, they were all sold?

Remember, the game is not done and it is foolish to judge before the game is finished.

kaizokuspy1251d ago

I agree with you. However my disdain for Nintendo this gen doesn't stem from the console or games. It's the ceos who have lost touch with the gaming community and how it has evolved. They should really retire at this stage. They just make me so mad. For every great idea or concept they come out with, it's followed by a slew of bad gimmicks and 3ds games. I owned a wiiu at one point. I'd like to own one again. Idk man. I just don't trust nintendo with their direction towards amibo or mobile ya know?

wonderfulmonkeyman1250d ago

You don't have to like Amiibo to acknowledge the good it's doing for Nintendo.
The profits are inevitably going to bleed back into game and hardware development.
And though we haven't yet seen how it will go, their leap into mobile might hold similar profit potential.

Amiibos and Mobile games, both of which seem to be things you have no reason to think about, shouldn't be a reason to lose trust.

Dannycr1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Are you sure that the "profits are inevitably going to bleed back into game and hardware development"?

If that were true, the gargantuan success of the Wii would have produced something way more powerful than a PS4/Xbox One and not the WiiU, and also I do not see the profits of the Wii and 3DS being represented in games for the WiiU neither.

Where are the huge profits of the Wii then? because I certainly do not see them represented anywhere.

kaizokuspy1250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )


Amiibos make nintendo a lot of money and that's great! However, it hasn't translated into must have games to necessitate mass consumers buying the console. That's why it is just a gimmick. Until they come out with a new metroid prime, a new Zelda experience like their tech demo, a star fox that isn't gimped bc they want to continue supporting the tablet controller.... (why would I want to look at the tablet for first person? How can I watch tv action and play the game at the same time while looking down at the screen, seriously, why do nintendo fans defend this practice?) I'll just be sad and look at nintendo with nostalgic eyes and say to myself, I remember when nes, snes, n64, even gamecube, we're GAME CONSOLES and not some gimmick induced arm waving, tablet holding casual piece of trash that can't even openly compete with today's gaming standards.

Sylth011250d ago


And yet if Nintendo made Amiibo required for some game, the masses would rise up and cry foul against actual physical DLC (they do this even now... smh...). You can't have it both ways: either Amiibos are nice collectables that unlock unnecessary extras in many games, or they become vital to one's success in playing a game and you MUST buy them.

And your comment about game consoles being game consoles? What makes the Wii U not a game console? I'd honestly say the Wii U is the closest to the original concept of the game console this generation (cheap, easy to set up and play games), with PS4 and XBoxOne turned into low-grade, expensive PCs.

I won't debate your opinion on 'trashy gimmicks' as it seems you have much animosity built up over the subject. Suffice to say I, personally, find those same 'gimmicks' fun to use and that much of what critics say concerning them to be overblown.

kaizokuspy1249d ago

@sylph a lot both our opinions hold true. I had a wiiu when it came out for 6 months. No one I game with plays or wants one. Online is free and that's great. Some of the games are a lot of fun too, however none of the games they have am I seeing myself game binge for more than 2 hrs. On ps4 and xbox one, there are games that captivate me and I play for 7-10 hrs when I'm off. Nintendo just let me down and haven't done anything to repair the dmg they've done.

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BludoDaSmelly1251d ago

I'd personally like to see them be 3rd party and quit making home consoles.

MSBAUSTX1250d ago

I bet you dont own any Nintendo games. People who say this usually do not buy their games and wouldnt if they were reased on their already owned console. If you dont support Nintendo now then why would you if they quit making consoles?

wonderfulmonkeyman1250d ago

Because to those sorts of people, the stigmas and image conferred on gamers by the brand of console they play, both by-products of the idiotic console wars, matter more than picking up a system for good games.

It's stupid, but that's how it is: Nintendo is the unpopular one at the moment, and counting yourself as someone who enjoys them is somehow an embarrassing thing for certain people.

Hence, they'd only play Nintendo games if they had them on a system that doesn't have anything to do with Nintendo.
These people are a minority, though: most of them spend more time ragging on Nintendo games than giving them a fair chance.

The profits they make by sticking to their own hardware vastly outweight the profits they'd make on software alone.
Amiibo, and all its insane profits, wouldn't be a thing without Nintendo's own consoles, for instance, and they don't have to pay anything to other console makers, by sticking to their own hardware.

_-EDMIX-_1250d ago

"I bet you dont own any Nintendo games. People who say this usually do not buy their games"

?? LOL! That doesn't really make any sense. I own a 3DS, a DS, Wii, Gamecube and all their hardware prior and I agree with him. I'm at a point where I only want a small few titles from Nintendo per gen.

A Mario RPG, Zelda and Animal Crossing and I'm good. lol, I legit own Animal Crossing on the 3DS, only other game I own for it is Bravely Default and SMT-IV, notice....only Nintendo game owned is Animal Crossing and the next game I'll own for it is likely the next Mario-Luigi RPG.

I think they might consider actually going 3rd party and only being first party on the handheld front. They just don't do to well with consoles and I don't see it getting any better.

BludoDaSmelly1250d ago

Actually had a wii and a ds lite :)

deadpools_n641251d ago

I'm gonna say sorry first. Cause I know some ain't gonna like what I say. I own a wii u. Bayonetta 2 and captain toad are some of my favorite exclusive games for it. But I must say I am honestly not sold on starfox. It doesn't look like a productive evolution to the series. Super Mario 3D world included enough innovative "new" in it toake it feel familiar and yet something different. Hurdle warriors did the same for Zelda in my opinion. Starfox is looking like it really has nothing more to offer that I can't get on the N64. I hope I'm wrong I really do but after the let down of the Metroid spinoff; and devils third and X being swept under the rug it seems that nintendo is failing even at their own tricks. Splatoon and bayonetta 2 seemed like a welcome shift from them last year but it seems they have fallen off the horse again this year. I'm a fan of nintendo. My son and myself treasure hunt for N64 games constantly. I still regard the GameCube as their last true gaming console because I was satisfied with it and still am. But it's hard to see them not wise up and grow with their audience. I'm rambling. Either way right now if the game looks like that at Xmas time then I'll stick to my halo5 and battlefront while waiting on DOOM. Just one less game I hafta charge my pro controller for (yes I bought it and think it's one nintendos best).

MSBAUSTX1250d ago

I dont disagree with you. However wait until the game is closer to being finished and also maybe check out a demo for yourself. Captain Toad has no ju m ping, no fighting, and you move really really slow. You would think it would suck right? However it diesnt. It is awesome. I actually thought the gameplay looked like a lot of fun in Star Fox. Graphics werent great but the game doesnt come out for almost 6 months. Let them polish it, take it for a spin and then judge.

bradleejones1250d ago

I have to agree. I have a wiiu, 3ds the past year. I really enjoyed my gc , GBA sp, n64, you get the idea. I never had the Wii, and I sold my DS. Only systems of theirs I never really owned \ got into. Starfox looks like its dated, needs a reboot. Would love some quality games for the wiiu. I want to love it but it doesn't have the games the other Nintendo systems had, their online structure is feable in comparison to ms and Sony, not to mention in comparing that they have nothing similar to PlayStation plus, and now they seem to be pulling a Sega and abandoning ship. I want to love the wiiu...I do...

hkgamer1250d ago

i personally dont own a wiiU but I agree oon your points.

Bayonetta 2 looks amazing but expected nothing less.
Captain toad looks nice and clean for something with a small team/budget.
super mario world 3d was dissapointing in a sense but atleast it looked decent and had 4 player madness.
hyrule warriors was basically a dynasty warriors game but provided enough for fans of the series.

Starfox just seems like they spent too much money on previous games that they dont want to put in as much effort. They just didnt understand that they wasnt giving previous fans what they wanted.

_-EDMIX-_1250d ago

Dated? Like the rest of their line up, am I right fellas?

(Slowly exits room)

Activemessiah1250d ago

One thing that's not being taken into account is that the game runs 60fps on the screen and on the gamepad... my guess is there's no way to get great graphics with all that going on on a hardware like the Wii U.

BrandanT1250d ago

That gave me the idea that if the Wii U didn't have the gamepad, then it would be more powerful of a system.

kaizokuspy1250d ago

It definitely would, but instead of creating new skus with or without the option of the tablet gameplay, they'll have an extremely harder time selling consoles than Microsoft when it was force bundled with kinect.

The difference here is that M$ is evolving with the times, the needs, and wants of gamers. No matter how much I love my ps4 and hate xbox one, I will say Phil spencer is xbox jesus. I respect that man and if he does anything more to add to the xbox one fanfare in the coming year, I'll go out and get one. Before him, I'd have a definite no, but right now, it's just a matter of timing.

Nintendo ceos just don't understand the western audience anymore. We are no longer 8-12, we've grown up. We want adult stories, acrion, deep plots. Doesn't matter if they keep the games cartoon like all Mario games, but I need adult games. Yoshi, mario, and kirby just don't do it for me anymore. :(

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