Grand Theft Auto V - New PC Update Released

Rockstar has released a new update for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V. This new patch is 400MB in size and will be auto-downloaded from Steam and Rockstar Social Club.

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Dragonking0071224d ago

Its not just pc its for every system even last gen thanks to them there wouldnt be a pc version because last gen the version that sold the most reason why gta 5 still being updated today.

IrishSt0ner1224d ago

If it wasn't for PC no game could ever be made. The original GTA was a PC game. So thank PC for GTA's existance in the first place, talk about delusional.

dreadz741224d ago

PC is great actually its the best looking platform . Consoles are just easier to game on put game in and play no need to tinker with settings. When PC games work as intended though graphically they are in another league. I have PC,XB1,PS4,Xbox 360 and wii u. I enjoy all except WII u which will be sold soon and mostly game on consoles for ease of use..

Soupaman661224d ago

There isn't much tinkering as you'd think. Just open Geforce experiecne or amd gaming evolved app and press the optimize button and you have the best settings.

yezz1224d ago (Edited 1224d ago )

I don't game much on PC but I've used that optimize button few times and in my opinion it doesn't always give you the best settings. At least on a lower end PC it likes to pump up some of the more "useless" settings high as possible and then puts resolution at 720p.

JamesBroski1224d ago

I don't know, I cannot play freaking GTA V on PC since the beginning because of FPS spikes that Rockstar won't address. They're too busy releasing $20k t-shirts and horns.