Battleborn plays like an ode to Gearbox fans - MMGN

MMGN writes: I had no idea what to expect when I was preparing to play Gearbox’s Battleborn. When the “House That Built Borderlands” first revealed the game way back in July 2014, the “hero shooter”, as the studio called it, seemed like a Dota 2-Borderlands hybrid hellbent on furthering the competitive drive of the former and the loot grind hysterics of the latter. I wasn’t particularly intrigued: I, like many, wrongly characterised the game after its initial reveal, walking away sighing at the prospect of another cooperative shooter in a market flooded with such titles (many of which, like Evolve, another 2K Games-published title, had promptly fallen down the wayside since their release). Yet after the playing the game, I now appreciate Gearbox’s aim of creating a cooperative shooter brimming with replayability. It looks and plays like a Gearbox game, and you can certainly tell where it gets a lot of its inspiration from. However, it seems like a love letter to fans of the genre an...

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