Is Zelda Wii U Being Deliberately Delayed for Nintendo NX?

SegmentNext - Nintendo’s mystery console, dubbed Nintendo ‘NX’ has been catching a lot of attention for a platform that we know nothing about.

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nX1198d ago

If that's the case I'll sell my WiiU and never buy a Nintendo console again. Zelda is pretty much the only WiiU game I'm waiting for.

nidhogg1198d ago

I stopped buying Nintendo products after the Wii.

Best. Decision. Ever.

wonderfulmonkeyman1198d ago

Most. Obvious. Troll. Ever.

Get back under the bridge.

inStereo1197d ago

That's a shame, nidhogg... you're missing out on a lot of excellent games that exist for the WiiU!

stragomccloud1197d ago

Okay, so, I thought a gamer was one who enjoyed games. Apparently not.

Try harder troll.

truechainz1197d ago

Considering that having sex is a decision, that makes me feel very, very sorry for you.

YosefH641197d ago

Its the best decision because you have less games to play?? Ive played more games on Wii U than I have on my PS4 and XB1 combined... I dont understand this comment. Is it just me?

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Whymii1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

If that's the case, why do you own a wii u? You're probably better off selling it now and putting the money towards games on another system. There's some great games competing for your money on PS4 and Xbone.

Myself, I'll still be enjoying Splatoon, Bayonetta 2, Pikmin 3, Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros, (Super Mario Maker when it arrives) etc, etc with my kids. One game does not make a system but only one system will ever play those games.

As for the topic, my 2 cents is it'll be another twilight princess and be a launch title for one console and a swan song for another.

freshslicepizza1198d ago

why would you sell your wii u if the game is still coming? this article talks about the game getting delayed so that it could also come to the nx.

i said this months ago when nintendo announced its delay. it would make sense to also have it on the new nx system because of the lack of wii u sales and how much nintendo is investing into this zelda game.

LCEvans1198d ago

Im a massive fan of zelda, have been since watching my cousin playing ocarina as a kid!

waiting for this to release to get a Wii u, Can you get the old zelda games on the wii u atm? if so i am going to pick one up this weekend!

Whymii1197d ago

You can play skyward sword, ocarina of time and wind waker. There's also the older ones, minish cap, legend of zelda 1 & 2, and link to the past.

Venox20081197d ago

twilight princess as well

LCEvans1197d ago

that's good to know! thankyou for the information! bubbles up!

deafdani1197d ago

If that's the case, then it wasn't a wise decision from your part to buy a console that didn't have any game that you wanted out yet. Your fault, not Nintendo's.

Anyway, if this new Zelda indeed comes out for NX, it's very likely that it will be a cross-platform release and come out for Wii U as well. Like Twilight Princess' case.

ABizzel11197d ago


I'm about to sell mine as well. I can't deal with or justify spending $300 on a console with 2 - 3 games I'm interested in per year, and this is the 2nd time in a row I've been burned by that with Nintendo.

I like Nintendo games, but I only like a handful of them (maybe 10 - 15 the entire generation, and I'll pick up the rare 3rd party game for support if it's good). So I've promised myself not to buy their consoles until much later in the generation, closer to the end when the transition from PS4 / XBO to PS5 / XB4 occurs. Those +10 games I missed on Nintendo should hold me over a full year until the dry spell for PS5 and XB4 is over, plus the hardware will be cheaper for both Nintendo and hopefully one of the other two by then, with a decent bundles.

My 10 Wii U games

Mario Kart
Super Mario 3D World
Zombi U (just ok)
Wind Waker HD
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Darksiders 2
Deus Ex

The last 3 I wanted were

Mario Maker

It just doesn't make sense to me anymore to spend $300 on a console that at tops I'll by 20 games over the generation, whereas for $400 on a PS4 I'll buy at least 2x that amount of physical games, will have 150 digital games free from PS+ over the lifecycle of the console, and more than likely another 50 digital games over the lifecycle of the console I buy from PSN sales (especially around X-Mas).

Just wait until the end of the generation, and buy one for around $100 and I'm sure you'll enjoy it more. And at the same time you can wait a full year to see what happens with the PS5 / XB4 before deciding to pick one of them up. It's what I plan on doing going forward. I'll buy the NX when the PS5 and XB4 get ready to replace the PS4 and XBO.

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hennessey861198d ago

and tomorrow is definitely not thursday

Chupa-Chupa1198d ago

Bet all your money on it! It will be much like Twilight Princess.

PhoenixUp1198d ago

No! Nintendo's next console will not have parity with Wii U

ABizzel11197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I don't know.

Technologically speaking it's not hard to match the Wii U's performance at a entry level price. A $199 console today has already done it and surpassed it.

NX isn't launching until next year so it can go beyond even that. Zelda also isn't launching until next year. With a more powerful CPU and a GPU that's over 2x better than the Wii U, and at least 2x the RAM porting the game over would be easy, and highly likely at this point.

720p @ 30fps Wii U
1080p @ 30fps NX

gameboy11197d ago

Try 1080p/60fps on NX mate,oh let me just say all 3 current gen consoles are nothing special and all 3 have about the same graphics output....

Xbox1/ps4 have weak laptop cpu's end of all 3 are limited due to not having serious cpu's they all have very capable gpgpu's,all 3 have enough memory with ps4 having lots of RAM and WIIU having tons of edram on everything even the cache they are all fairly capable but nothing special.

If FUSION rumours hold any truth then expect 4k on NX,Miyamoto said a while bk 4k would be good for pikimin...

ABizzel11197d ago


They have nowhere near the same graphics output, besides the fact all 3 are currently locked in 1080p as the max resolution. The XBO is almost 4x more powerful than the Wii U GPU-wise, and the PS4 is over 5x. Wii U doesn't have enough memory for any current gen-games which are eating up 4GB of memory regularly now even on PC, it's 1GB of RAM for games is nowhere near enough, but more than enough for games that function alongside the PS360 era. All 3 have low end CPUs.

4k gaming is never going to happen for Nintendo unless they use it for games that aren't really graphically demanding. Pikmin could be one of those games and they could get by with a entry level GPU like a 750 / 750 Ti / or 260x, all of which could be put into the NX at the price of $299 - $349. But that leaves a sore spot for having a good CPU in the NX.

PhoenixUp1197d ago

Nintendo won't release another console until 2017 or 2018, and there'd be too much effort to make Zelda U multiplat like Twilight Princess

ABizzel11197d ago

Nintendo said they're discussing NXE3 2016, there's no way it's getting a 2018 release date with that happening. It's 2016 - Holiday 2017 at the latest.

gameboy11197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

It would be less effort then building a ground up Zelda that's for sure so expect Zelda WiiU/NX also expect RetroStudio's new game on WiiU/NX plus i also think we will see a few more of these WiiU/NX multiplats it makes sense for profit basically WiiU will have at least 15 million install base by the time NX is released so doing multiplat WiiU/NX games will be a big focus as it would be less risky as you would have 2 platforms for sales performance basically.

December 2016 is when i think the NX will release or at the very latest July 2017,i think they will go with 2016 because of the holiday period and also i think the games they are preparing should be ready by dec2016 that's another 18 months.

ABizzel11197d ago

They have some cool grass tech, and the artstyle is amazing, but they turned it down a tiny notch in the actual gameplay footage. Still it looks great.

gameboy11197d ago

What are you on about they said only a few weeks ago that Zelda on wiiu looks even better now....GROW UP..

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