MUSINGS: Square Enix’s Dragon Quest Logic Stupidity

oprainfall writes: "There’s a radio show I used to listen to a while back. They had a segment called “People are Stupid” in which they talked about some of the stupid things that at least one particular person did recently. While it was a sports talk show, the people they would talk about would generally be normal people outside of sports that just did dumb things. But, with this being a video game site, while we could do a thing like this, we should probably stick to gaming companies.

…Oh, hello Square Enix. Fancy seeing you here."

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FallenAngel19841203d ago

Square Enix is stupid for not releasing the PS3 version internationally

3-4-51202d ago

* Example:

Show us how much you like the Boston Celtics, by buying Lakers gear !

* Prob not the best plan.

Just give us DQ 7&8 3DS, & 11 for consoles.

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KryptoniteTail1202d ago

They could port the 3DS releases to Vita for cheap and make at least a significant profit and actually cater to fans as well. It's not good business to mistreat fans just because they have a certain system. I'd understand if they'd lose money, or even just broke even, yeah, don't do it, but this is DQ we're talking about, and in Japan Vita/PS TV has sold enough to where a series like this could only make money, at least in Japan. Don't bother localizing it I guess but it's straight bad business to ignore Vita in Japan.

blackblades1202d ago

OMG we need a summary guy in here to much to read.