Better with Age: Morrowind

Yeah, this is going to be a hard sell to some people who haven’t played this one, I’m sure. Morrowind is the 3rd game in the venerable elder scrolls franchise, and one that has remained in people’s minds for years after its release, and it’s a pretty damn fine game even setting aside its issues.

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Bigpappy1197d ago

I disagree on the leveling system and not being able to effectively use weapons until you are trained. I think those are to aspects of that game that helped to make it far superior in depth to any RPG I have player since. The emersion was unmatched due to the lack of hand holding. You got used to the combat, as you got better and made more contact as you level. This was a game that did not have a causal option. You had to learn to fight, navigate, steal and get the training you needed. I encouraged you to talk to other gamers to help you find the trainers you needed to improve the areas you needed. There was no auto leveling, so you learned to fear certain NPC. Couldn't just acquire or build the best armor or weapons, you had to explore. You would often see NPC wearing some nice armor and which you could have some. So you developed your speech skills so you can insult effectively enough to get them to fight you so you could kill them and loot the armor.

What a great F**g game! I could write a book about what made this the Best RPG ever made. Scratch that. The BEST GAME EVER MADE!

Irishguy951197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

I agree. There was no hand holding. No quest marker inherently made quests superior to Ob and Skyrim, as you were given sufficient information to find where you were going, but YOU had to find it. Not to mention, the spells, the attributes...everything, this game had ALOT of depth. Shockingly a massive amount and then comes along oblivion and eventually the shallow as **** Skyrim.

I was surprised at the loss of speed and jump in Oblivion. I mean it was still there, just minor I mean at least you could work towards them in the game. Then Skyrim literally removed them...shocking. A Khajit ran at the same speed as an imperial. Wtf...

The quest system in MW was better than the next two imo. But Skyrim was just a bunch of fetch quests. "Fight your way to the arrow on the screen" "Now fast travel back"

Ah I gotta take it for another spin soon I haven't played it in a long time. I don't agree its the best RPG ever made though. But a damn fine one I agree.

Bigpappy1197d ago

Yeah. I appreciate all you said. Even the disagree. I just have never since of before played such a deep game. I actually felt like I was living another life when I sat in front of that game. I was fearful of forgetting to go to work. Went in tired.

What are some of the RPG's you prefer?

McToasty2071196d ago

But is it hand holding? The end goal is the same you just get it done slower. Its not like enemies were radically more challenging due to Advanced Ai that was toned down as the series went it was just dice rolls slowing down your progress. I've been a fan of TES since Morrowind but unquestionable the actual combat has progressed over the series in a positive manner.

starrman19851196d ago

I've never experienced such a feeling of exploration as I did during my playthrough of Morrowind back when it launched (I picked it up knowing nothing about it, I was purely window shopping at the time) I think it was the first truly open world RPG I ever played and I was in awe. Running through an area with massively over powered enemies was brilliant and really added to the suspense of exploring, the little details like when your avatar held up his hand to shield himself from the sandstorm etc all added to the feeling of really being there. I probably spent 100 hours with Morrowind and only finished a small handful of quests, all I loved doing was exploring!

I have tried to go back to it since but I'll admit I do struggle now, some aspects I absolutely love (no fast travel, no enemy scaling, no guidance) but other areas like the combat just make it very hard to play now.

curtis921196d ago

I read about it on IGN way back and the idea of having an open world to go wherever I wanted, whenever just blew my mind. I bought it without knowing much more than that and I definitely never regretted it. I agree though that it's hard to go back to.

Viryu1196d ago

Amazing game back in the day, so much freedom that no game could replicate afterwards. My only gripe was the vanillalevelling system, where you had tolevel certain skills to not waste level ups.

pivotplease1196d ago

Same problem in Oblivion. I hated that because I didn't realize my level ups were just a joke for that reason until I hit level 12 or something.

Nerdmaster1196d ago

I agree with what you said about the game's flaws. The leveling system is specially atrocious. I could only play this game with a leveling mod.