The Four Kings Casino And Slots: Review | Should You Play This Game?

An object look at the release of The Four Kings Casino And Slots and some personal thoughts. Jordan says "I was really enjoying the game for the first 30 or so hours since I was gaining lots of chips while going back and forth between all the games, but it went all down hill when I rushed to get VIP status to write about it on my site and lost all of my chips in the process. I’m actually kind of glad I did lose all of my chips since I was able to find out how terrible the game is when you’re out of chips. Even with VIP status, which doubles all of the free chips that I can earn, I just can’t earn chips anymore from playing games. This was my experience when I had a lot of good luck early on in the game, imagine what it would be like to constantly lose with the chips that you begin the game with and run out not even an hour into playing. I might have even considered spending some money on a cosmetic or two, but there is no way I’d do that when the game can become boring in an instant. It doesn’t...

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