PlayStation Now Vs. Backwards Compatibility

"Microsoft blew minds and won hearts when they announced backwards compatibility for the Xbox One. This is a huge victory for players and has undoubtedly helped sales. It is a big step towards closing the market gap and puts the Xbox One in position to make the comeback of a lifetime. It also has the fringe benefit of blowing up the Xbox One library. In terms of size, the PS4 and Xbox One libraries were neck and neck until a couple weeks ago but now Xbox stands on the cusp of pulling far, far ahead. So what does all of this mean for Sony? Will it affect them and can they compete with it? -- PlayStation Now

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warrior821251d ago

beating a dead several articles on this already...but both services are targeted to different markets. ps now is mostly appealing to those without a console and may not really want to invest in one but try out games since the device they use supports it. backwards compatibility is purely towards gamers. its adding an entire library of xbox 360 games to xbox one, so its a totally different beast. its something ms needs now to compete against sony. its a really good move but nothing that will shake sony up. because its the new games that people will prefer over older games. that being said, older games will be valued in the long run because it never hurts to be able to play more games on one console than less.

xPhearR3dx1251d ago

Lol what? Do you hear yourself?

"appealing to those without a console and may not really want to invest in one"

They both serve the same purpose. To play last gen games on your current gen console. May that be by disc, digital, or steaming. The main purpose remains the same. No need to invest in anything. The only difference is, one is free, and the other is ridiculously overpriced.

For those rental prices on PS Now, you can easily go buy the game used and keep it forever. Or even better, return to GameStop (Assuming that's an option for you) in 7 days and get your money back. Does MS's reveal stop the world and make everyone wonder what Sony can do? No. But, it's a damn nice advantage for Xbox owners compared to a Playstation owner like myself. I only own a PC, PS4 and Wii U. Considering games like Red Dead Redemption aren't on any of those platforms, you bet your ass I'd love to pop the PS3 disc in and be able to play it on my PS4.

Hell, one of the biggest selling points of PC gaming is backwards compatibility. I can play any game ever released on PC. Along with emulators to play NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2 etc games. So yeah, being able to play old games on your shiny new $400+ device is a pretty nice.

uth111251d ago

PS Now may be limited to PS3 games now, but that's not it's main purpose. In the future it will contain PS4 games, it may even have games the PS4 couldn't handle by itself.

It's a game-streaming platform to compete in the developing game-streaming market.

TheNew11251d ago

Wow. This is a bulls-eye comment.

xPhearR3dx1251d ago


While that may be true, with their current pricing options, it's not going to be successful. Look at Onlive. Cool at first, yet the gimmick fell off too quick and no one cared. Streaming a game and being able to maintain a lag free session with high quality visuals requires a rather good internet connection. Something of which most of the world doesn't have.

And honestly, Sony would NEVER release a PS4 game exclusive to PS Now because the PS4 couldn't handle it. They might as well throw their money in the toilet. That would be too big of an investment for such a small market of people that would actually considering buying it.

uth111251d ago

I don't disagree that streaming games is problematic for many people because of bandwidth.


PS Now is for Games, what Netflix did for movies and Spotify did for music. An increasing number of people, especially the younger generation, are buying into that model rather than owning their own movies, albums, and games.

Industry analysts think game streaming is only going grow for that reason, and Sony is trying to stay ahead of the curve with PS Now.

Sony would not release a game that PS4 can't play on PS Now today, but 5 years from now, who knows? Depends on the shape of the Streaming market then, and if it's really competitive.

Pricing may or may not be right today. Remember it's targeting the growing number of people who don't want to own physical media. For those people it might be a good deal.

It is a bad deal for people who bought the games on PS3 and want to play them on PS4. It would be nice if they'd get a discount

So it seems like a rip-off if looked at as a purely backwards compatibility platform. But if you look at the market it's intended for, it's not such a bad deal.

xPhearR3dx1251d ago


The difference is, Netflix and Spotify are in a difference place than gaming.I don't mean success, I mean in the form of entertainment you receive.

With those two services, you create your own library. And when you want to relax, you click play and sit back and watch and or listen. It's simplistic and convenient with no effort. Gaming isn't that simplistic. It requires your full attention. If your quality in streaming goes down for a few seconds in Netflix, it's no big deal. In a video game, if your controls become unresponsive for just a few seconds, you start to get frustrated very quickly and it's not longer convenient and fun. Instead, it's an ugly, laggy mess that you don't want to deal with.

In the current state of PS Now, the market it's targeted at is too small to compare it to Netflix or Spotify. Until most of the world gets much better internet, streaming video games aren't going to take off.

pivotplease1251d ago

To say the streaming is strictly for backwards compatibility on PS4 is really selling the concept short. As stated above, PS4 games and more will be streamed. The PS4 represents only one source of subscribers when you consider TVs and phones. And if you consider the Vita, the service almost becomes a sort of "forward compatibility" once PS4 games release (like remote play).Additionally, one is standard backwards compatibility where you must "own" the games while the other is a subscription that lets you play a variety of games from multiple systems for a monthly rate like Netflix.

This is totally apples to oranges and denying that is ridiculous. I think PS now could be the future of gaming to an extent once we see improved network infrastructures. The cloud is real and it starts with PS now. #propaganda

pivotplease1251d ago

Man who is even agreeing with xPhearR3dx? It's the equivalent of someone saying...actually I can't even think of an analogy because nothing has actually been done like PS now in gaming yet. But calling what is essentially Netflix for games that operates on a variety of platforms as primarily backwards compatibility for PS4 is so off the mark. See reason a through j already mentioned above.

Btw I say this as someone who finds both the current PS Now and X1 BC disappointing. The former because of terrible bandwith in Canada and poor pricing and the latter because it won't even be a somewhat full BC until half way through the generation which is kind of weak.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1250d ago


Backwards compatibility and a video game streaming service are two completely different things. Playstation Now is specifically designed to be a SERVICE not an add-on, peripheral, or emulator designed to play old games. It's like trying to compare gamefly to gamestop.

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joab7771251d ago

I think one is for a particular console this gen, and the other is a template building towards the future.

BC is a great app for xbone users, though I think it's allure is much greater than its usefulness. Now has insane possibilities for future ways to play games.

1251d ago
Godmars2901251d ago

While you're not wrong, MS isn't exactly adding the "entire" 360 library to the XBO. There will be conditions and limitation which could last to the life of the system.

Given the exact method it could be continued past it, include XBO games, but its still going to be left to the whims of MS and IP holders.

meanthyme1250d ago

"Because its the new games that people will prefer over old games". The fact that bc was THE MOST requested feature by x1 owners completely destroys that argument.

NeoGamer2321250d ago (Edited 1250d ago )

So what device does PS Now work on today? My understanding is that you have to have a PS Vita, PS TV, or a PS console.

So, much for appealing to people who do not want to buy a console.

If it worked on a PC it would be a valid argument. But, without PC support you have to go and buy some sort of PS device.

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Team_Litt1251d ago

This again. When PS Now allows you to stream games you own for free it can be considered comparable to BC. As it is right now, they are in 2 different leagues.

Spotie1251d ago

Well, yeah, cuz BC only works with successor hardware. It doesn't work on a wide range of hardware options.

1251d ago
MasterCornholio1251d ago


"It COULD absolutely span a wide range of devices going forward."

Not if they are trying to emulate something as complicated as the cell.

Microsoft has it easy when it comes to backwards compatibility. If Sony didn't have such an odd hardware configuration in the PS3 they could have emulated the system easily on the PS4.

reallyNow1251d ago

They serve two different purposes. They're in two different sports, not leagues.

nucky641251d ago

I have no interest in either one - give me NEW games.

Rimeskeem1251d ago

I buy new consoles for new games

Crimzon1251d ago

Shame about all those remasters then, huh? :p

pivotplease1251d ago

It is if you already bought the original game or if the remaster isn't up to snuff. Regardless, all systems are guilty of this.

star_lancer1251d ago

So, a FREE feature which gives players more CHOICES is now a BAD thing?

Too much variety, I guess.

Rimeskeem1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )


did i ever say it was a bad thing?

As someone who has never had an xbox till the One I had basically no interest in BC.

Rookie_Monster1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

"I buy new consoles for new games"

LOL, then why you got so excited when remasters of old PS3 games were announced then?
What We Want From the Uncharted Trilogy Remaster

mikeslemonade + 80d ago
"What we want is: we don't want it!
Cancel it, please!"

your reply to Mikeslemonade
Rimeskeem + 80d ago
"I want it."

and also,

Rimeskeem + 48d ago
"I need that Uncharted Remaster"

I thought you buy new consoles for new games only?

and also, I don't get this quote from you:
"As someone who has never had an xbox till the One I had basically no interest in BC."

Since you didn't have a X360 last gen and this is your first MS system, then why wouldn't BC of older X360 games not be a good thing or option for you? you can play a whole slew of X360 titles that you haven't played before and maybe catch up on the entire Gears Trilogy before Gears 4 releases. Confusing point you made there.

Lng1010101251d ago

@RookieMonster: technically, remasters are new games.

Rookie_Monster1251d ago

"RookieMonster: technically, remasters are new games."

How? Is a Blu Ray version of Lords of the Ring Trilogy a new film from the DVD versions? I mean, besides the resolution, arn't they the same movie?

Spotie1251d ago

No, Rookie. Your analogy is wrong, and you know it. It isn't the exact same thing, just on a new disc. Digitally remastered movies do exist, after all.

Or did you conveniently forget that?

MasterCornholio1251d ago

Well I believe everyone buys a new Console to play new games. Games that are technically superior to last gen games.

But here's what I'll say about remasters and backwards compatibility.

I don't mind having both on my system. Being able to play old games or improved versions of old games on a system is never a bad thing. While I understand that remasters are superior to emulating old games on the system that feature is still relevant to many people.

I know for a fact that it's almost impossible to emulate the PS3 on the PS4 due to how complex the systems architecture is. But if Sony somehow manages to pull off a miracle where BC is concerned I would be happy to have the feature even though I only own few PS3 games since I sold almost all of them when I bought my system.

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Summons751251d ago

Well if you just throw out your games weekly because "New" games release every week, I'll be happy to take them off your hands. Personally I like the option of replaying games I love on top of enjoying all the new experiences.

sashimi1251d ago

PS Now is not even a BC solution, its a streaming service. Also Xbox1 BC is not really all its cracked up to be since it works on a game to game basis that MS themselves would need to support rather than a full fledged emulator.

testerg351251d ago

Isn't ps now also on a game by game basis. Sony also has to get permission.

NeoGamer2321250d ago

That is not true at all. The games are distributed to work within a BC Virtual OS on the X1.

It is better than an emulator, it is the actual hardware and OS running in a virtual machine.

The nice thing about this is that it will be portable. They can do the same virtual OS for Windows 10 as well.

Rookie_Monster1251d ago (Edited 1251d ago )

Why are we still getting these articles?

Xbox BC won, end of story.

One you get:
1. Play the game you owned for free without a fee.

2. All digital X360 games that are made compatible will just show up on your XB1 dashboard for you to D/L.

3. All saves, DLCs, and achievements will be carried over (it is like you never left the x360)

4. Allow user to use XB1 features like snap, DVR, screenshots, Twitch streaming, etc..

5. Once the game has been D/L and installed on the HDD or external HDD, you can play locally without having to connect to the internet.

6. Ability to play online games against both XB1 players and X360 players.


1. Have to pay a monthly fee to pay, even if you already own the a copy of a PS3 game.

2. The PS Now games are the bare bone vanilla version, which doesn't have DLC, can't carry your tropies, saves, etc over to the PS4.

3. Can't take advantage of any PS4 features Like broadcasting, Shareplay, etc if someone want to play a PS now game on that console.

4. Streaming quality depends on your Internet speed and and is PS now network dependent (if the network is down, you are S.O.L).

It is like the Golden State Warriors playing against the New York Knicks. contest. I don't want to see another article about this comparison again as it is a lopsided argument.

TwoForce1251d ago

No one is winning. End of Story. Well, I do argee PS Now is something that need to be addressed, but PS Now is stream service, not full backward compatibility. I'm not even touch it since it launched. Even if I want touch it, I want The company need to do something about it.

Rookie_Monster1251d ago

I am just comparing the two in the situation where a PS4 owner wants to play PS3 games on a PS4. In that case, all my points are true and valid.

But like you say, PS Now is a streaming service on its true form and PS4 don't even have a BC option at this point to be in the argument of BC so it makes these articles that keep comparing them pointless. But if they continue to do so, then the BC option of the XB1 is the perfect BC solution.

TwoForce1251d ago

Every customer want companies need to fix their mistake. That's why we here.

IIFloodyII1251d ago

If anyone "won" when it comes to BC, it's Nintendo, their BC works with almost every game on the Wii, not just 20 or whatever there is for XB1, plays them better, not worse, like both PS Now and XB1, and it did out the gate, not a year and half - 2 years later. The controller from older consoles even work.

mwjw6961251d ago

Its in a limited BETA... how can you people keep forgetting this? Its not like Sony and their 5 years of HOME beta BS. It will be out in the fall with over 100 games.

IIFloodyII1251d ago

The Wii U supports 1000s now, it's still the clear winner when it comes to BC

Not sure what Home beta has to do with that. Arguing about what will eventually be available is pointless, as there's nothing guaranteeing it.

I'd love for someone to try and argue the Wii U isn't the winner when it comes to Backwards Compatibility, instead of disagreeing, because it upsets them. I'm not getting my hopes up.

P_Bomb1251d ago


Your PS3 trophies and saves DO carry over to PSNow on the PS4. It can access everything you backed up to PSPlus. There's a free 7 day trial where people can see for themselves.

My wish is they let you one day stream games for free that you already own as a solution to BC. They already have the infrastructure bought 'n' paid for. Why waste it solely on a rental service?

Sony, throw the fans a bone, give em a reason to launch the app once in a blue moon and odds are you'll make more money than having it buried off-screen in players' history folders where it probably sits 99% of the time. Learn from Home.

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