God of War III Remastered Trophy List Revealed

Here is the trophy list for God of War III Remastered on PS4.
35 trophies in total.
It looks a bit different than the PS3 version.

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Aloy-Boyfriend2264d ago (Edited 2264d ago )

No Shiet!

It's a remaster, not a remake.

Jaqen_Hghar2264d ago

The description says the trophy list is different. A man didn't see the difference. Can anyone see it?

morganfell2264d ago

When a man is no one he sees what he must, when he is not he sees what he wants.

BitbyDeath2264d ago

Should have put the controversial trophy back in for the lolz

soniqstylz2264d ago

* No trophy for killing the Poseidon Princess
* "Are You Horny To Win?" now called "Horn Of Plenty"
* "Hooker" now called "Down Below"
* "Rip One!" now called "Torn Up"
* "Hitting Your Stride" upgraded from a Bronze to Silver (probably because of the loss of the first trophy)

Jaqen_Hghar2264d ago

Thank you. A man didn't notice those

PaleMoonDeath2264d ago

Hm.. first timers will love this, not enough there for someone who has played it before I'm afraid.

spacedelete2264d ago

should have include the first two. no logic remastering the end of the trilogy only. i'm sure former 360 owners want to play 1 and 2 as well. also 2 was the best in the franchise anyway.

DialgaMarine2264d ago

There might be remakes of the first two down the road, but this is simply a remaster. It would've been stupid to remaster all 3, when the first two are available, already remastered, for cheap on PS3, and PS Now. Besides, I think SSM should put 100% focus on the new one. I think this is simply a sign that the next is in fact God of War 4, and this is there to get everyone caught up on the last events.

spacedelete2263d ago

they could have easily bundled the first two as well as they were already remastered. how would it be stupid getting more value for your money ? so many stupid contradictions in your comment its hilarious. keep being a shill. i'm sure they will send you an invisible check in the post for you.

WeAreLegion2264d ago

III was the best, by far, and they would have to rebuild I and II from the ground up.

spacedelete2263d ago

they don't need to rebuild anything. just port the PS3 versions and improve the textures slightly and 3 wasn't the best it was very disappointing after the magnificent second game.

BoNeSaW232264d ago

No Bros before hos!? No buy.

2264d ago
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