Top 5 Metroidvania Games

These are some of the best non-Metroid games that Metroidvania fans should check out

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chrisco84au1252d ago

I am unsure if this article is too old to include it but Axiom Verge is probably the 'most true to the original' metroidvania game ever. It really captures the feel of the original in a great way.
Great list though, so many to choose from.

camel_toad1252d ago

Ori should have been on there imo.

FallenAngel19841252d ago

Nintendo may not want to make any 2D Metroid games anytime soon, but Metroidvania games are a great substitute

LAWSON721252d ago

Guacamelee was short but amazing, I had fun 100% it

Spikeantestor1252d ago

Why decide to not include any Metroid games but decide TO include a Castlevania?

immoracle1252d ago

And the #1 best metroidvania game is... Castlevania!