9 Worlds We Want in Kingdom Hearts 3

Marty Sliva writes: "Now that Disney owns everything we love, what's next for Sora and company?"

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mikeboccher1294d ago

Star wars and Marvel is fucking dumb

1294d ago
rainzor1294d ago

Both Star Wars and Marvel are good but they won't fit in Kingdom Hearts. It doesn't feel right.

FarEastOrient1294d ago

People said the same thing about Tron, and it didn't turn out bad in the end.

rainzor1294d ago

Mine would be

Big Hero 6
Toy Story 3
Inside Out
Wreck it Ralph
Monster INC or University
Finding Nemo

colonel1791294d ago

I think lighting will be there, and I thing that maybe even Noctis.

I would probably like Marvel more than Star Wars, only because if they use Star Wars they would likely use the movies plots, and I thought that Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean looked weird in the cartoony world. Marvel worlds could be done animated like Disney infinity. They could do that too with Star Wars, but I guess is much less likely.

Since they confirmed Tangled, I think it will be pretty likely to have worlds made by them. Frozen will surely be there, since it's the most popular franchise right now.

Pixar needs to be in Kingdom Hearts, but if they get to use them, the most likely world they will make is Toy Story.

Namer said that most of the worlds will be new, which is great. I hope there are at least double the worlds of Kingdom Hearts 2. This game needs to be huge and epic. So far, Birth by Sleep has been the only one epic story wise.

Last_Boss1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Treasure Planet
Princess & the Frog
Darkwing Duck
Tron Legacy
Robin Hood
Big Hero 6

I'd like to see Rufus Shinra, Mozenwrath, & Zanatos as boss fights.

If Marvel & Star Wars make it in, I'd like to see have a final 3 way battle of Sephiroth, Magneto, & Darth Vader in the Coliseum.