Final Fantasy VII Remake: 10 Things We Can’t Wait To See

Dan Curtis of Factory-Sealed writes: There are many memorable things about Final Fantasy VII, but what ten things are we getting really excited about seeing again?

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MeteorPanda1200d ago

there is so much hype for this game XD guys it's not coming out for another 2 years minimum, hakuna ya tatas

Snookies121200d ago

A release would most likely be in 2-3 years, yes. However, knowing this, I'm still hyped as all hell. If done right, this could be absolutely mind blowing.

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AndrewLB1200d ago

I just don't see them including Don Corneo's mansion, the Honeybee inn, or pretty much anything from Wall Market. Most of the great moments there just wouldn't work with modern graphics and the politically correct crowd who gets offended at everything.

MeteorPanda1200d ago

until you realize there's already an interview where they said they're not skimming out on the humor that uplifted the mood a bit. The game needs these moments, it's too dark and depressing for the characters within without them.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1200d ago

It's been confirmed damn near as long ago as the remake was announced that the sillier stuff will in fact be in the game and that Nomura wouldn't have it any other way.

kratoz12091200d ago

Don't forget Cid and also Cloud riding a dolphin 🐬

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