The Fallout 4 Story Hints Hidden In Previous Fallout Games

Though Fallout 4 is the first game to be set in Boston, it's not the first Fallout game to mention it. Here are some hints at what might happen in Fallout 4's story.

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Bolts1199d ago

Not liking the Boston location though. It's just not iconic enough.

FunkMacNasty1199d ago

Seriously???? The city where the entire American Revolution began is not iconic??? You could've given any other reason why you don't like the setting, but "not being iconic" just doesn't work as a serious criticism.

Phoenix761199d ago

It's iconic enough within the fallout universe as that is where the commonwealth is based.

Bolts1198d ago

It's simple. When I think about a post nuclear apocalypse, Boston just doesn't enter my mind.

Paytaa1199d ago

As a native of Greater Boston, the setting for Fallout 4 only makes me anticipate it even more. When they would mention the Commonwealth in Fallout 3 I always imagined what a Fallout in Boston would be like. Now it's finally happening.

MasterD9191199d ago

I'm re-playing through New Vegas for the millionth time. So far, I haven't heard any references to FO4- unlike FO3.

oasdada1198d ago

Playing fallout 3 again.. caint wait for 4!