GDC Survey Shows PC Being The Most Popular Platform, Followed By Mobile & Current-Gen Consoles

GDC Europe 2015 is just around the corner and a new official survey surfaced, showing the PC as the most popular platform for developers. This survey was conducted among 250 European games industry professionals who have attended GDC shows or/and plan to attend this year’s GDC event.

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john21199d ago

Definitely. Curious what will happen next year (as current-gen consoles will be for a longer time in the market)

jackanderson19851199d ago

not surprised mobile is second.... more phones than people these days..bigger market and if the game is anyway good (and reasonably priced/F2P) it'll be a massive success (even if it only lasts a short time)

Skate-AK1199d ago (Edited 1199d ago )

"...showing the PC as the most popular platform for developers."

Makes sense. It is free for them to publish their games and patch any issue quick and also for free. It has a huge install base too.

Christopher1199d ago

Seems like a no-brainer, to be honest. Open publishing and most engines offer free the tools to publish their engine on PC, mobile reaches the most, current gen the next.

Not really at all startling results. I think the only thing on there that stands out is that more prefer to develop for the Vita than the 3DS. Though that's likely due to a much easier time at digital distribution.

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