Rare Replay Release Delayed

Katie Joell from Gamerscore Whores writes "At E3 things sounded too good to be true. When Rare announced the Replay bundle it was our favourite announcement from the conference. Unfortunately the release of the game has been delayed for unknown reasons."

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GamerscoreWhores2818d ago

I know right! That's going to be the longest week of our gaming lives for sometime. What as your favourite game listed?

Sitdown2818d ago

I'll probably say Kameo....

4Sh0w2818d ago

Read the headline and thought, "damm that sucks"...turns out its just a week, OK.

iain042818d ago

Attic Atac. Yes I am that old

vallencer2817d ago

blast corps hands down! Or jet force gemini

MorbidPorpoise2817d ago

RC Pro Am... loved that game and it still holds up alright these days :P

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Kribwalker2818d ago

Fantastic. I was going to Oregon the week it was going to release. I will now be home when it does

Azzanation2818d ago

You can already download BK 1+2 on 360 in HD but fair enough. I am looking forward to playing Battletoads the arcade game

ceed9112817d ago

If somebody dedicated themselves to posting the top comment on all clickbait articles on N4G it will force these websites to stop doing it.

Including the stupid 10 best blah blahs in video games.

showtimefolks2817d ago

Only a week, should be a lot of fun. Many classic titles

XanderZane2817d ago

LOL!! A whole 6 days? That's it? I thought they were talking about months. I've been waiting 6 years for a collection like this, 6 days is going to be really harsh. lol!! Was this news even necessary and why is it at 350 degrees already? I have no problems waiting an addition week to play this incredible collection for just $30. You won't need to wait for B/C for these games.

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FallenAngel19842818d ago

There used to be a time Rare was a bigger and better developer than Naughty Dog

Blues Cowboy2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It's technically true ( ), but unlike Rare, Naughty Dog had the time and support to mature and perfect their craft. The Rare that exists today is still supported with new hires and salaries, but lacks the backbone and creative freedom they once had.

Death2818d ago


Rare lacks the creative talent that left the company shortly after selling it to Microsoft. It has nothing to do with "creative freedom" and everything to do with the people that bailed after cashing in.

ShinMaster2818d ago

@ Death

Umm yeah. That's one of the reasons why they bailed.

Gazondaily2818d ago


Actually no. For those who have read up on them, Rare's team were seeing some major migrations prior to their acquisition by Microsoft.

4Sh0w2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Oh please, studios rise and fall with turn over as employees come and go. Lets be honest both sony & microsoft have studios that haven't delivered "greatness" in like a decade or more.

XanderZane2817d ago

You do realize that the original members of Naughty Dog have been long gone for many, many years right? The original members of Naughty Dog were Jason Rubin & Andy Gavin. I know this because I was one of the first people to interview them back when they were making Way of the Warrior. The developers who did Rings of Power (Genesis), Way of the Warrior (3DO), Crash Banicoot series (PS1) and Jax & Daxter (PS2). When Sony bought them out in 2001 the team completely changed. So like RARE, Naughty Dog is definitely not the same developers as when they did the Crash and Jax series.

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fermcr2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

The problem with Rare is that the most talented people left when Microsoft purchased Rare. If that talent had remained at Rare, they would probably be one of the best developers by now...

christocolus2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I don't get why people keep saying this..The Stamper brothers and a few others left before MS purchased the studio and newer and better talent can always be hired.Half the number of devs working at studios like ND currently where probably never there during the PS1 and PS2 days. Rare made Kameo, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, Viva Pinata, kinect Sports etc on Xbox and those games were good. There is still great talent at Rare and with Phil Spencer giving even more creative freedom to MS studos we will see more innovative stuff from them.Sea of Thieves looks great and still has that unique Rare touch also the game is being created by the guy who made some of the best rare games during their time with Nintendo and they have multiple teams so there's definitely more in the works.

Gazondaily2818d ago

Dont know why anyone is disagreeing with Christoculous, he is absolutely correct about the departures taking place prior to Rare's acquisition.

Trekster_Gamer2818d ago

They disagree becuase of either ignorance or blind fanyboyitus.

He is totally correct.

aerisbueller2817d ago (Edited 2817d ago )

@septic. Not sure how old you are, but the Rare from the N64 days and even more so the SNES days was a force to be reckoned with. Churning out classics like there was no tomorrow, and usually everything they made was the best looking thing on whatever platform (Conker on n64, Donkey Kong Country on SNES, and the original Killer Instinct in the arcades). Now they're just ... not terrible.

Unfortunately that doesn't go as far back as SNES, but you can see as soon as you pass the N64 days you go from high 80's and 90's to low 80's and 70's.

Conker and DKC vs Viva Pinata and Kinect Sports? Gimme a break. They went from being the Pixar of video games to Nintendo's Disney to absolute mediocrity. No one in their right mind considers Kinect Sports to be one of the great classics, and bringing it up in a conversation about what how Rare is still as great as it once was is downright silly.

Anyone who was a gamer during the SNES days knows Rare is an empty husk of it's former self, whether Microsoft's acquisition is to blame or not. I personally blame Nintendo more than MS. Letting them go was one of the many stupid decisions that led them where they are today.

Gazondaily2817d ago


I'm an old git now and I bought Goldeneye and the like day one. They were amazing but the point is that they had departures within their team prior to their acquisition by Microsoft.

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ilikepizza2818d ago

naughty dog hasnt made that many games. Not sure why everyone is on the naughty dog hype train. I could careless for the whole uncharted series,the last of us was awesome. crash bandicoots were fun but why are acting like naughty dog is this untouchable god in the game world. Id give that title to rockstar,they have consistently put out titles and all good. naughty dog has gained all this respect based off the last of us possible because its literally the only sony title to own on ps4. Naughty dog will have to do more to impress me,i already found the tomb raider gameplay from e315 better than uncharted,uncharted looks like a scripted game where tomb raider looks to be a more in depth immersive play through experience,hey thats just me,ill be sure to gamefly uncharted 4,thats for sure

jb2272818d ago

That's the thing about opinions, everyone has one. Some are just wholly unshared by most of the gaming public at large. Naughty Dog are masters of game dev for how they are capable of marrying storytelling, visuals & gameplay in a manner that other devs simply aren't capable of. You may not like Uncharted but the rest of the gaming populace seem to be just fine with it. As far as Uncharted looking scripted it was literally wide open & the player could take any path he chose, they just all happened to converge on the important bits. That's how you tell a story in a game. Storytelling is one of the key components of immersion in my eyes & that's one thing the Tomb Raider reboot simply couldn't get right. Lara was the only aspect of that story that was well done, the main plot seemed an afterthought & the supporting characters were simply cannon fodder. In the Rise of the Tomb Raider demo, all I saw was more climbing, this time w/ ice, something Uncharted 2 already perfected. Then there was the bear fight, which was just kinda stock standard TR stuff. Rise of the Tomb Raider plays & looks mostly like a last gen game, Uncharted 4 looks to be only possible on next gen, graphics, physics & gameplay all seem top notch to me & most of the journos who got to view the extended E3 demo early.

TWB2818d ago

Though you forgot Jak.

I can understand why you would say that about Uncharted as neither do I like it that much (liked the story, gameplay not so much) but its still a quality game. Jak series on the other hand might be some of their best work yet.

ND is one of the better devs out there clearly but its true that Rare used to be bigger.

Oh yeah, and TR is just as scripted as Uncharted.

I cant honestly borther to argue which one is better as neither interest me.

ShinMaster2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

@ ilikepizza

"Not sure why everyone is on the naughty dog hype train".

Because they haven't made a legitimately bad game in 4 generations since Crash Bandicoot 1.

"I could care less for the whole uncharted series"

That's your opinion. Why does everyone else who likes the games have to get off the hype train just because you don't like them?

Play the Tomb Raider reboot. It's got plenty of scripted sequences. And lot of that game is inspired by Uncharted.

bajny772818d ago

I haven't actualy seen any playable demo of tomb raider at you mean that 5 min long QTE wit no gameplay was better than uncharted?

stuna12818d ago

Maybe you should go back to liking your pizza! It really doesn't matter how many games Naughty Dog has made, it's about the quality of the games made! This applies to each and every developer out there. How do you think studio's receive that hype you speak of!? By putting out quality work.

Jayszen2818d ago

If you genuinely found the Tomb Raider gameplay from E3 2015 better than the Uncharted gameplay than all I can say is that you were seeing something the rest of us weren't. "More in depth immersive play through experience" ? Boy, you really are in fantasy land.

ilikepizza2816d ago

I was referring to the behind closed doors demo,also you can see the first 20 mins of the game idk I was happy with it :D. Naughty dog are indeed good but my issue is when people just expect greatness or give it the pass because of name. When bungie was gods of Xbox I was quit to say I didn't like reach and I can say now destiny is lame. I have a feeling if naughty dog releases a so so game it will be 10/10 because it's naughty dog.

Just where the hell did the all the masses of uncharted fans come from??? No of those games sold over 3 million? Now everyone loves uncharted right? It's a good thing sony is throwing you a collection so most of you can actually play it

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LexHazard792818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

I dont know why your getting disagrees. Rare has been around since forever it seems. And has alot of great games on its resume.

chrisco84au2818d ago

"There used to be a time Rare was a bigger and better developer than Naughty Dog"

There was time when SEGA was bigger (cannot say better as that is purely opinion based, which you seem not to understand) than MS and Sony in gaming too?

But hey, living in the past is fun yeah?

StrayaKNT2817d ago

That time is still here my friend and sea of thieves is proof of that. They have also made more games and higher rated games.

_-EDMIX-_2817d ago

Agreed. "used to be" Rare was easily one of the best developers back then, they had just an amazing run, title, after title, after title.

Too bad most of that team is now gone else where, but hey we are getting Yooka Laylee by old Rare so no biggie.

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DillyDilly2818d ago

For anyone waiting for Perfect Dark. You can just buy them now & play them now via Backwards Compatibility on the XBOX One

MSBAUSTX2818d ago

Why would you do that when you can get them and 28 other games for only 1 dollar a piece. We will be able to get Banjo kazooie and tooie, conkers bad fur day, all the retro greatness and viva pinata amd dont have to worry about downloading them to our HD.

PhucSeeker2818d ago

Banjo Tooie won't be there, instead it's Nuts and Bolts (ikr). Aside from that, the others are pretty great.

gleepot2817d ago

Banjo Tooie most certainly is there. All three BK titles are there.

XanderZane2817d ago

Rare Replay will be out before the B/C is installed on the XB1. There's really no need to wait. $30 for 30 games is one of the sweetest deals you'll ever find for the XB1.

FoxyGotGame2818d ago

Pretty neat collection of classic Rare games. I'll be picking this up when I purchase a 1TB Xbox One Bundle next year. Hopefully that bundle includes Quantum Break. Pretty excited about it already ;)