5 New Video Game Rumors You Were Not Supposed to Know

There’s a good reason video game makers are secretive: they want their marketers and PR people to control the flow of information. After all, a well-timed game reveal can create buzz that results in millions of sales. A poorly-timed announcement, on the other hand, can sink a game before it gets out to sea. Thankfully for fans, not every company is a tight ship. Leaks occur, people say things they shouldn’t, and rumors circulate like currency. Here are the five biggest video game rumors and leaks to crop up in the past week.

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joab7773070d ago

Nintendo wants to sell 20 million units in 6 months. It's taken the PS4 18 months to do so, launching all over the world. Hmmm?

Honestly, there's one of two ways that the NX is successful. 1st, it gets a 3 yr jump in Sony and MS by providing a better machine. Last gen MS and Sony took huge losses selling their consoles. This gen, not so much...but they also aren't near as powerful as they could have been. It's been 3 yrs, so Nintendo can find a way to build a better console for $400, giving themselves a shot at rebuilding the 3rd party trust they have completely lost. It would be worth losing money on every console to shock the industry with an insane technical beast. Couple that with exclusives, and continued aggressive marketing like w/ Bayonetta 2, and they could jump right back in this. They will also need to revamp their online services.


Another gimmick we font know about yet. This is very risky, as they found out with the WiiU. One idea is the fabled portable console...a device that can play games on your TV, and you can take ot with you like the DS. Build upon their mobile success. This has obvious technical issues, but could be pulled off. This would be amazing, but again wouldn't bring in 3rd party publishers, and wouldn't give them any head to head advantage against their rivals. It could tap into our love for mobile games, but would require instant glorious software. They could group w/ apple and offer some type of ipad device that allows access to everything Nintendo and apple on the go, and as a box top set.

I don't see anyone running out to grab the NX if it isn't at least as powerful as its contemporaries...unless it's so unique and desirable that we simply can't resist. Even MS and Sony are heading into VR, so I dunno.

jholden32493070d ago

Very well-thought-out comment.

But the third-party hopes are in vain. The trust doesn't mean anything when the Fanbase doesn't buy the games anyways. They can build a console powerful enough to fly a rocket into space but it still won't change the fact that those types of games don't sell well on the system, and that's the bottom-line of why they don't get ported over.

I really hate the term gimmick because to me, a gimmick is day one costume DLC. Bubble gum in a pack of baseball cards. But it seems anything it's different than the status quo is now labeled as a "gimmick. I don't think having a screen on a controller is a gimmick at all. I think that's advancement of technology, in an effort to expand the experience of playing video games. I don't think motion controls are a gimmick either, because they stand on their own 2 feet and in some cases have proved the superior control input method. Not to mention it was in its fledgling years last generation, but now motion is maturing. And games like Splatoon highlight the superiority of motion-enables control schemes.

For 30 years Nintendo has brought a new innovation with each generation. I recall them saying once that if they fail to bring something new to the table then they might as well not even bring a new console to the table at all. And I think we're better for it. The only thing that gets me excited anymore is the prospect of what Nintendo is going to do with their next hardware. That's the only thing they truly excites me in video games anymore, besides playing fun games of course.

3-4-53070d ago

* That would be huge though.

E3 announcement to launch the NX and then you get to buy it one month later instead of waiting.

Sounds good to me.

They get the initial rush of buyers + the Fall/Holiday season push as well.

Would be a smart business decision.

Master-Assassin3070d ago

Or they could hold a conference Feb/March 2016 like Sony did in 2013.


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