PlayStation Store Sales This Week Include Superhero Sale, Destiny Deals

To celebrate Bungie Day, Bungie has put some of their Destiny content on sale for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners. Elsewhere, there’s a Superhero Sale this week in North America, which discounts games on PS4, PS3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation Portable.

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Mr-Dude1200d ago

Destiny deals? Again? How many times are they gonna do this now. -_-

pivotplease1200d ago

First time I've seen the season pass on sale but I'll probably wait for it to be even cheaper. It still doesn't seem worth it and prices will drop like a rock when TTK releases/holiday games roll around.

Mr-Dude1200d ago

Still, this is like the 5th time destiny items are for sale on the store.

Christopher1200d ago

IKR? What's the big deal with them trying to get more people to play their game? The nerve of these developers.

WildArmed1198d ago

Makes sense to push the DLC now since they are releasing a new retail version that comes with all the DLC.

After the The Taken king is released, all of these digital dlc packs will lose most of their value (since hte retail will come with the dlc).

GearSkiN1200d ago

Hmm might actually get destiny... Can't decide, it is better than 40

vitorizzo1200d ago

wait for the taken king to come out before you buy destiny. theres a whole bundle with the game, the current DLC, and the taken king for 60 bucks

eklektic1200d ago

Yea just wait another year and you'll get the whole game. But of course by that time the beta testers will be done and no one will be playing BUT! You'll actually be playing the full version by yourself yay!!!!

objdadon1200d ago

If you like fps games, as a new player you'd love destiny. I've been playing since day one with almost 1500 hours as it's pretty much been the only thing I've played since. I've just started slowly playing the other games I've had in the plastic lol. There was a lot less content when I started and I still enjoyed myself for hundreds of hours.

GearSkiN1200d ago

Oh sorry for the typo guys I actual had Destiny since day one, I was talking about the DLC :) thanks for the info anyways! Appreciate that.

eklektic1200d ago

This is bungie and activision conning you fools once again.

MegaRay1200d ago

Is Young Justice any good? I am dying for anything Young Justice, screw you CN :(

IamTylerDurden11200d ago

Thinkin about Saints Row IV Re-Elected PS4 with Gat Out of Hell included for 19.99

Or just Gat Out of Hell PS4 for 9.99. Pretty good deal, has a Platinum trophy.

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