Building Character: Mirai

Today, we are going to talking about one of the Senran Kagura girls, Mirai. Now Mirai may not be as endowed as the rest of the girls, but do not let her small stature fool you. There is a lot of character in that small body.

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DualWielding1200d ago

I don't like Mirai but her costume fits Marie Rose very well on DOA 5 Last Round

Nonscpo1200d ago

Agreed! She's my least favorite character in the whole series, I wouldn't mind her if her backstory made more sense like the rest of the Evil Shinovi, but alas it doesn't :(

bOObies1200d ago

Mirai is fine. She's a Japanese archetype but in a different way which I feel is unique. Usually like say Hibari or Minori the Loli types are really nice and sweet and most of the time happy with child-like quality's. But, Mirai isn't. She has built up anger almost like PTSD from being bullied. I think it's original and is a differentiating factor from the other girls in the series.

Nonscpo1200d ago

Yeah but see here's the thing, I don't mind Minori or Hibari, both characters have a solid backstory in the franchise. For Mirai to fit in better, I feel that her character should have been better developed than what she was. That's just my take!