Bungie Day

DeeJ writes: "Happy Bungie Day!

Today, we recognize and appreciate the magic that happens when a group of passionate people take a game and make it their own. At Bungie, the seventh day of the seventh month is all about community. Let us begin!"

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TheGreyWarrior1290d ago

A bit late. Don't ya think?

donthate1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

I think Bungie talking about the community is a little late, after they tried to f*** their fans by asking them to re-buy the entire game to get some content. When that didn't work, they tried to f*** you slightly less, by offering you the content for $20!

Btw, the game you bought is only worth $20!

Enjoy Bungie fans and community!!!


LastNewtStandin1289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

@donthate, Ironic name that considering your comment lol.

When you play destiny with a great community and enjoy awesome times with your friends it makes destiny worth the price, i have a 1000+ in the game but it doesn't make me pleased about the pricing of the DLC.

The game itself though is well worth it's money if you appreciate fun games with nice graphics and tight gunplay.
Sure Bungie have made some poor choices but that could be said about all game developers, To me that's the beauty of modern gaming. It can adapt and grow.

donthate1289d ago


You are right about my name, but Bungie is the freaken exception. FYI, I was a Bungie fan and loved Halo. I bought the Digital Guardian Edition of Destiny despite a tepid beta.

I was promised a vast and deep story, huge world, awesome missions and excellent game play. All I got was solid game mechanic, vast empty world, boring same enemies repeatedly and no story.

The game might be fun for groups, but Bungie largely dissappointed me. They also didn't treat their fans nicely so I am skipping all their games from now on.

They can have other people throw money at the screen!

pompombrum1290d ago

"In celebration of Bungie day, we'll be offering an exclusive emote, exclusive shader and an exclusive emblem all of which will only be available today for the low low price of $30"

It's only a matter of time... I miss the old Bungie.

Reddzfoxx1290d ago

Bungie day? How lame is that ...

pompombrum1290d ago

They've done this for eight years now. Once upon a time, they used to do some pretty cool stuff too.

D3TH_D33LR1290d ago

I'm glad bungies getting the hate they deserve. I was this pissed a year ago when I smelt their BS miles away. This is icing on the cake. Can't quite comprehend how such a big studio and publisher could screw up such a great game with insane potential. They'll be lucky to make the next one successful at this rate. I wonder if they realize that and that's the reasoning to this insane price points. Well only way I'll be supporting buying a collectors edition (the game is fun to play and does see complete) is with a broken controller trade in lol. Screw you Activision and screw your Bungie for selling your souls to greed.

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