Minecraft: Story Mode – Fans Unimpressed?

After Minecraft: Story Mode was announced late last year, fans of Minecraft and Telltale Games have been itching for more information on the game, at Minecon 2015 their prayers were answered in the form of a cinematic trailer (below) along with some other details.

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BenRage31289d ago (Edited 1289d ago )

I was skeptical when Telltale announced a Borderlands game and a Game of Thrones game. But Telltale has come through with those two franchises, so again I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt with this game. It doesn't look spectacular, but Telltale has earned my loyalty so far, so I am going to wait and see before I pass judgement.

Summons751288d ago

Except Borderlands and GoT has material and stories to justify a story driven game. Minecraft is crap as it is shoehorning a story out of a glorified digital babysitter isn't going to be good and the trailer shows that. Only reason why this is even a thing is because MS is ruining Minecraft from what fans have said and they are paying TT probably boat loads for this (which is great for TT, they do deserve the money)

BenRage31288d ago

While you make a good point, having story materials to work of off doesn't make the stories good.It's the writers who work for Telltale that bring the magic imho. I'm not saying this game is going to be good, but if the writers can come up with an interesting story, then it could very well be a hit.

lemoncake1288d ago

Yeah telltale usually don't disappoint.

MilkMan1288d ago

Why didn't MS include this as a general mode in their new Minecraft sequel will be anyone's guess. This to me would be a no brainer and I would not have farmed this out to TT games.

Minecraft needs a sequel as it is and this would have been a great addition (as a freebie). This partnership feels awkward.

But its not damaging just numb nuts move.

uth111288d ago

TT have proven they are great at interactive story-telling. If anyone could pull this off, its them. That's not to say even they will suceed though.

It's obviously not much more than a cash grab. MS/Mojang make money licensing the brand and TT expects big sales based on the popularity of the game alone

Grap1288d ago

TT games really dropped the ball with this one, The trailer didn't buy their fans nor minecraft fans, When they should develop their own IP or expand on the licence they own which they all great games and every fans beg them to a squeal.

BenRage31288d ago

I agree that the trailer failed to grab my attention. But it might be premature to say that TT dropped the ball. A lot of people said the same thing regarding A Borderlands Tale when it was initially revealed, and that turned out to be one of TT's finest.

uth111288d ago

Minecraft has tons of fans. Just because some are vocal, doesn't mean they all feel that way. TT games aren't for everyone anyway

curtis921288d ago

Were there people asking for this though? The appeal of minecraft is in how each individual plays the game in their own way, doing what they want to do. I can't help but feel like literally no one was sitting there going "Yeah, I can build, cool... but what's Steve's story?"

iceman061288d ago

This is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Minecraft is a game that COULD translate to a story. However, it's very much a non-issue that it doesn't have one simply because of it's open-ended, do-what-you-want structure. I'm sure Telltale can create something interesting and fun. But, as you said, "were there people asking for this though?"

BenRage31288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

I don't remember anyone asking for Walking Dead, Wolf Among us, Game of Thrones or A Borderlands Tale either. I have know idea what Steve's story is, but I'm still curious enough to give this game a chance. Hasn't TellTale earned that much respect?

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