Why We're Excited for Halo 5

"The Xbox One's biggest game of 2015 impressed the heck out of us at E3 2015."

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Convas1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

My hype for this game cannot be contained. Can't wait to see the more open levels Game Informer got to play and hear about.

christocolus1198d ago

Same here. I hope we see a new demo at Gamescom.

Rimeskeem1198d ago

I hope we see something on the campaign

Dread1198d ago

cannot wait
i always felt that halo has the best single player campaign of any fps (including half life, which i also love btw)
the pvp is not too shabby either

always a fantastic gaming package.

anyone know if forge is coming back?

ThePope1198d ago

I really want to know more about the Campaign. The story sounds really interesting.