Batman Arkham Knight - The Hero We Need | The Zero Review

The much anticipated Batman Arkham Knight has arrived on next-gen. Is this return from Rock Steady the best Batman yet?

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MPScrimshaw1294d ago

Psyched about this game, but the tank portions of it seem so not-batman-y. It just doesn't jive with the rest of the experience.

Becuzisaid1294d ago

They were OK at first but they keep coming back again and again and again...

It gets really old by the end but the rest of the game it's incredible!

shocked6861294d ago

Loved asylum and city, can't wait to pick this one up

AtomHeart6231294d ago

I am honestly perplexed at the love this game is getting. I am a fan of the Arkham franchise and I commend rocksteady for making a good superhero game in the first place which is no small feat, but Arkham Knight is certainly not the best game in the franchise. Truth be known Origins is which isn't even made by rocksteady. Arkham knight isnt a bad game, but it has a few flaws that really detract from what it could have been. first, there are no boss fights which I have commented on several times. How do people not have a problem with that? Secondly, while fun and pretty well done, driving the batmobile is a requirement for a large portion of the game. I don't want to be locked in to having to use it so much. Lastly, the identity of the Arkham Knight is generic and takes away from what is otherwise a great story. Is the game fun? Yes. Is it the best game in the franchise? Certainly not.