Smoking, Sick, Stylin' - Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition PC Review - Morbid Play

Bad Demoman writes, "Devil May Cry 4 was one of my first forays in to what was then “The Next Generation”, on the Xbox 360. I'd played the first Devil May Cry and unfortunately the second as well. I considered DMC4 to be my favourite of the series, having missed out DMC3 which later attained that title with its Special Edition that allowed you to play as both Vergil and Dante. The variety really improved the replay value, something that DMC has always strived for mostly through increasingly ridiculous difficulty levels. But now DMC4 has a Special Edition of its own, with a roster of five very different characters to play as. Will this re-release capture my favour, or will DMC3 keep it in its grip?"

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