Destiny's Lag Problem

Joe talks about the strange lag that is affecting Destiny's competitive multiplayer on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms. Also talk about WB Montreal's leaked photo of a Superman game.

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Crimzon1292d ago

It's frustrating that people have to pay for PS+/XBL subscriptions to access online multiplayer and that money doesn't go towards an improved online experience at all. These developers/publishers still use ancient P2P matchamking while Sony & Microsoft laugh at all the easy profit. Online gaming should be free like it used to be (and still is on PC) because neither Sony or Microsoft have done anything to justify the subscription fees that they charge.

UKmilitia1292d ago

but destiny runs on its own private servers,not Sonys

Crimzon1292d ago

Then why is Sony charging money for online multiplayer if it's not even their servers?

pompombrum1292d ago

Both do offer dedicated server support don't they? Isn't this more of a case of Bungievision being cheap? Regardless, the amount they are ripping off their fanbase and the fact it's 2015, no excuses for the lag imho.

MeteorPanda1292d ago

ha. Lag. I play mmo's as an Australian. you merely adopted the lag. I was born in it, molded by it. I didn’t see the aoe until I was already dead.

Saijahn1292d ago

Lag has been the bane of your existence eh? Lol